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LOG: Jono, Penance, Gayle, Gaia - The mutants are everywhere
LOG: Jono, Penance, Gayle, Gaia
Synopsis: Gayle reveals herself for what she truely is. But, things get sort of worked out, finally. Sort of.
Location: Hall, Gayle's room.

Gayle: Gayle wheels herself down the 2nd floor hallway as she exits her room, wearing a soft tan rimmed turtleneck and jeans, she always seemed to be wearing long sleeved things. She was opening and closing her hand in what would look like an uneasy gesture to anyone else, but noone else was around anyway. She brought her hand up so it was palm up and cringed at the size of the hole with teeth opening there. It was an ugly site, the only flaw in her outstanding beauty. It was beggining to itch some, and she was feeling hungry. Normal food had not quenced that hunger -- mutant energy. She needed mutant energy. She was hoping it wouldn't get to this so fast, she'd have to blow her cover already...? Well. Who should she pick then? She glanced over rooms, feeling the power aura in each. Weak. Weak. Weak. ... Mildly stronger ... weak .... Decent ... weak. No, these wouldn't do for her. She suddenly heard footsteps coming down the hallway and put her hand back, face down on her wheelchair arm rest. Her hair was slightly wavier than usual as she'd speant last night playing with it herself with notihng else to do, covering over one eye as she kept her head turned slightly. The vibrant shining browns complimented her lighter skin and eyes -- really, she played the picture of innocent quite well, especially in a wheelchair. She noticed who it was then ... Gaia. She'd gone and looked up her file too ... which hadn't lied. The aura coming off her was ... big. Powerful. How convinient. Didn't do anything immediatly stupid --- and she was told how to deal about empaths and even some telepaths. She kept calm, her thoughts clear, and gave a little smile. "Hello --- Nice seeing you again." She'd only talked to Gaia the time she brought her in, but she had certainly seen and heard of her much more. "How have you been?"

Gaia: Gaia hadn't been down in the basement much, giving Jono his space as he'd requested. She'd been helping with the rebuilding of the mansion, though she wasn't sure that was quite fair. Monet and Paige had done all the grunt work while she'd been stuck in Jono's mind, with the clearing up. All she'd had to do was think up the actual walls into exisance, which didn't take long or require much effort. Her powers seemed to be growing once more, though she'd had experiance with house building with her powers before. Currrently, she had been walking down the hall way towards the stairs, planning to visit people since she didn't have anything else to do. Her eyebrows raised slightly when she saw Gayle. "Hello. I've been well, thank you. And yourself?" Frostily polite mannars to match her own and, really, there was just something about Gayle that Gaia couldn't put her finger on. Like... Like she was even more familiar then usual. Gaia gave a tiny frown, trying to remember. It was coming back to her... really...

Gayle: "I have been well, too, thank you." She puts one elbow on the other arm rest and puts her chin on top, on her normal hand. The other one holds to the end of the arm rest. She can see the aura around Gaia so clearly and she wants to take her energy right now ... but it's a bit too obvious here. Her own room was empty... Wonderful. "I was wondering ... I've heard from some of the other students, you are the one who could easily fix up the damage casted on the mansion?" When Gaia gave a yes to that, "Well, you see, my room was right below the third story wall that got knocked out, and the window was broken. Could you take care of that too, please?" Looks at her hopefully, since it wasn't something she could take care of herself. Her room mates had been out recently, anyway.

Gaia: Gaia hesitates, but she wasn't about to go off and leave Gayle to deal with something like that on her own, when she could do it so much easier. It would only take a minute or so, and it was sort of her fault anyway, with the possession and the attacking the mansion and the blowing up of things. She nodded. "Sure. Where is it?" She follows Gayle as she begins to wheel down the hall. She still didn't like Gayle, there was this strange... sensation around her, that she'd never felt before and she looked. She looked like... like that girl. The one from Jono's mind... the girlfriend?! She stopped and stared at Gayle for a second, then caught herself before Gayle could notice. "Do you know Jono?" It seemed like a blunt and completely random question to anyone who didb't follow her thought processes.

Gayle: She pauses in the hallway, in front of her room door, her back to Gaia. She raised an eyebrow at the seemingly random question ... This girl knew something. It was good she picked her out. She puts her hand down and runs a finger over the armrest for just an inch or so where it curved. "I ... knew Jonothon, yes." She hardly could believe that the ... one down in the basement was -her- Jono. He was so different, so easy to walk on, so pathetic and full of all those unadmirable traits that she knew had exsisted before but at least he'd kept his head up most of the time even if it required a little shove to make him do so. She'd loved the one who had a soul and a drive and he certainly did not now. "This is my room." She doesn't seem to want to expand ... As the memories are either painful, because that is what they are, memories ... or because they were filled with betrayl and thus her bitterness. Like, the reason she was in this wheelchair, for the first place. Even if she had healed, she -had- been stuck it in for almost 3 years, so it wasn't that big of a lie. She reachs the knob and opens it, letting Gaia go in. The curtains are shut over the big window though...the room is darkened some. There are 3 beds but only one seems slept in. If Gaia was to actually open the curtains...she'd find they were not broken at all.

Gaia: Gaia's eyes narrowed. If that was this Gayle... then this was the girl who had been injured in Jono's manisfestation of his powers. How... strange. And now she was here as a human student, all the way from England? There was something just a little off about her entire story, which combined with the weird readings that she got on her powers, made Gaia feel uneasy. Gaia was a much stronger psi-power too, so Gayle had no hope of blocking her entirely. She walked into the room, nodding at Gayle to acknowledge her words, then made her way to the windows. "This one?" She drew open the curtains in a swift move, then blinked. The glass was fine...

Gayle: She closed the door behind her, and locked it quietly as Gaia walked over, across the room, "Yes, that's it..." She pushed herself up from her wheel chair then as she threw open the curtains. "Oh, how silly of me ..." Still said in that light accent, prim and proper. When Gaia turns back around she's suprised to find her walking, and it certainly wasn't a miracle recovery, she seemed very use to this. "You see, little girl, Jonothon is the reason I'm here ..." Yes, she had read the file that said Gaia was a few milennia in age ... simply a degrading term. "And you ...." As Gaia gets over the inital shock -- it's too late to say anything, the next thing she finds is Gayle's hand shooting out before grabbing on to her neck and squeezing, but not enough to suffocate -- though she does find that her energy seems to be...leaving her...and that a set of small sharp teeth have dug into the flesh. The pain hits her late as the shock hadn't allowed her to feel it immediatly. "...you have been very helpful to me." She smiles at her, her brown eyes flashing with a devious light, suddenly looking not so incapable or innocent.

Gaia: Gaia started to struggle, first giving a shrill scream then kicking futilely out and trying to lash out with her powers. It felt like she couldn't access them, like they were slipping slowly from her grasp, except for her empathy which was operating on full alarm. The skin to whatever it was on Gayle's hand had given her an extra link, and she could feel the hungar-anger-fury-drive-for-revenge coming from Gayle. Slowly, her kicks get weaker and weaker, not seeming to do any damage at all, and she lapses into a sort of lethargic state, like hypnosis or the venom from a snake that slows down it's prey so that it can eat them at it's will. Her mind however, is still racing and she plays connect the dots with the facts, from Gayle admitting that it was Jono she was after, witnessing Jono's powers manifesting and harming Gayle, and the familiar story of how Emplate could suck the energy out of mutants as well. She'd known there was something wrong - what suprised her was that Xavier, after Gayle had been in to see him, hadn't picked it up.

Gayle/Jono/Penance: She smiled slightly more as she begun to get weaker and her own energy became hers. Only after one fed completly from the prey did they get their powers, or repitivily partially sucking -- like how Emplate had turned spikey due to many years of Penance's power. She wasn't even really that eager to hurt anyone, but this was the cost of Emplate's power ... clouding over her own thoughts and just maximizing her anger and the hunger. Jono, meanwhile, was downstairs lying on his bed, Penance watching TV that was on mute. It was odd as suddenly a flash of something hit his --- telepathy. He wasn't use to that power working at all, as he used it to -occasionally- communicate, not to read minds or to get psi projections. His powers had been boosted slightly too, maybe it had to do with that. But it was something, coming from another telepath, something was really wrong. He didn't really even think about it, he simply got up and ran from his room, Penance following after him to see what was going on. It must of looked strange when the tall black clad man came out from the basement followed by the bandaged crimson red girl on all fours looking much more animal than human, younger students just kind of staring at the two mutants they had never seen before but certainly looked like ones that did...come from the basement;;;. He tried to figure out where it had come from, but he wasn't so succesful in that. Simply checked the first floor first, Penance running after him once more, scratch marks on the wooden floor now, a small group of children all looking at each other in confusion as they went down the hallway, checking rooms..

Gaia: Gaia couldn't conciously control her body much more, making weak movements in a futile attempt to fight back. She was unconciously broadcasing panic throughout the mansion, which should have effected every body within a mile's radius or such, but she didn't know how much longer she would be able to hold on. She was starting to feel her vision cloud over, her mind functions slowing down as her energy seeped away.

Gayle/Jono/Penance: Penance looked up as they passed by the stairs before she made a sudden astoundingly high leap and her claws dug in a story up, before she lifted herself up and ran down the second story hall. Jono had been slightly suprised, but he went around and went up the stairs, getting up just in time to see Penance's claws going back before they slashed into the door. It was locked anyway. Nescecary. The door was in woody shreads within seconds, Gayle turning with her eyes widened as Gaia was held against the wall, still sucking energy from her. Jono ran in seconds later and his eyes widened in horror at what appeared to be going on here. "J---Jonothon?!" What was -he- doing here?! Shouldn't he have been in the basement?? "Gayle ... what are you DOING?!" He yelled back, just knowing she was hurting Gaia and it looked like suffocation from here but --- wait, there's was faint drops of blood ... which he could sense due to something else that had been forgotten ... "Let the gel go now, Gayle." He turns the heat up on his power and it burns a hole in his shirt, not wearing easily rip-offable bandages at the time. Penance, in the meantime, looks *pissed*, as she recognizes that act...that's what Emplate...the man who had caused her so much pain for every day for -years- did.....Hurting Gaia. She ran foward at that, opening her mouth for a growl that couldn't come out, before holding her claw out in a dive and--- and suddenly getting blasted. Nothing to burn, simply force that hit her in the side and knocked her away from slashing Gayle in two just in time. Gayle had been so suprised she'd let go of Gaia, leaving her with many tiny marks in her neck. Penance hit the foot of another's bed which fell apart, before she shook her head slightly. That hurt. And ... Jono had blasted her, to keep her from hurting Gayle...but Gayle was hurting Gaia!! Jono looked to Penance for a moment before to Gayle and Gaia, just running over at that, Gayle in some shock he had bothered to save her. "Gaia...?" Please let him not be too late ... Gayle didn't immediatly stop him when he went to the other girls side as she lay against the wall now, but she certainly wasn't -done-.

Gaia: Gaia's in a bit of a daze, first from the energy sucking then the sudden release and dropping and her head is spinning from the vertigo. She can't focus her sight properly, nor can she coherantly arrange the events of the last few minutes into order to figure out what's going on. She vaguely registers that her neck hurts, and that she can feel a sort of delicate wetness sliding down her neck. Blood, something in her identifies. Her vision comprises mainly of a dark blur with a patch pf brightly glowing energy, which tells her Jono, but she can't see him properly. She blinks. Blinks again in an attempt to clear her vision. "I... She..." Her voice is weak, and she can't even form a proper sentence. She can see a sort of vague black and red blur that she identifies at Penance, which means that the figure coming over is... "Gayle! Behind!"

Jono/Gayle: He turns back and looks as Gayle simply couldn't resist their auras together, which could rival anyone else's in this mansion ... He widens his eyes but catchs her hand this time himself and holds it tightly so she can't get it free. "Let me...go..." She commands of him as he is on his knees beside Gaia. It just barely registers to him that she's -walking-, she's not really injured, but...maybe this isn't Gayle. Gayle was not a mutant, and this was Emplate's power... "No. Stop." Jono felt as she had already begun to suck some of his energy as he held on to her hand. Penance cannot believe this as she watchs. Now she's hurting Jono too!! Why did she stop him?! "What are yer doing?!" Jono yells as he looks down to where their hands meet, and Gayle has sort of determined expression on her face. "Doing to ... you what you did to me." "I..." He feels more of his own energy escaping and will soon be in the same state as Gaia... "Then why did yer do it to 'er?!" Fine, take his energy, but ... it wasn't deserving for Gaia to lose too. "I needed energy, Jonothon ..." Was not part of the revenge, of course. To avoid this kind of attack would of been easy at another time, he could simply blast her but ... not when it was Gayle ... ".....Why aren't you fighting back?" She asks when he doesn't say anything. "Because ... yer deserve t...t'do thi..s..." Feels himself getting light headed. "J..just..l....leave 'er alone.... Please?" He looks up to her as she continues....she looks back to him for a long moment, and to Gaia for a moment ... before deciding that is fair. It won't take very long to finish this anyway, and that would be enough energy for her fill anyway.

Gaia: Gaia's starting to wake up fully from the draining, feeling herself recover and gain back her sense and even fine motor control. Which is a plus, because she can now see what's happening scant feet away from where she lays, and she definately doesn't like it. Her control over her powers is rudimentary for now, but she can feel it returning. She can't move too fast, thoug, for risk of acting too hastily and injuring both Jono and Gayle with a too strong telekinetic push. She slowly levers herself up, closing her eyes and pausing for a second as the room spins once more around her, before opening them again with steely determination. She holds out one unsteady, trembling hand. "Stop." She casts a telekinetic force net, a barrier between Jono and Gayle, seperating the two through direct force, then folding it over so Gayle is contained in her own little bubble. The effort takes a lot out of her, though, and she sways back to lean heavily against the wall, keeping up the shield through pure determination.

Gayle/Jono: Gayle narrows her eyes when she's pushed away from Jono, who falls back slightly, little bits of energy leaking from the holes in his hand. She slams on the telekinetic force with the side of her fist, but normal human strength is nothing against telekinetics. "How dare you!!!" She yells at Gaia, who has no right stopping her, especially when Jono was...allowing it... Jono looks over to Gaia, his energy a lighter colour but its not blue yet, he still has enough to stay stabely concious. "Gaia ... " She had just saved him from something just a few days ago, now this? So instead of speaking to her, he looks back to Gayle, "What ... 'appened to---" "Emplate. He gave me power to get back at you... give you what you deserve, and she...!" Gayle looks to Gaia. "What right do ... do you have to stop me?! Do you know just what he did to me?!" Not just the initial injury but...abandoning her on -that day-...never writing or calling...going and getting a new girlfriend ... Not even visiting her when he was in London and she -knew- he was, not like you could miss him on all those tv shows and interviews with Sugar, the biggest pop artist over there.

Gaia: Gaia can barely keep her eyes open and stay concious, not while expanding all that energy from her drained power base. She tries to talk, but it comes out as a soft exhaulation of breath, before she clears her throat and tries again. "You want... to kill him...?" She had been there for Jono's powers hurting Gayle, and from what's happening now, it doesn't look like the physical effects have lasted. From what she know of Jono, he probably went running for the nearest dark, damp and most important of all, deep hole to hide in, in order to not hurt anyone else ever again. "He's... my friend..." And while Jono can't die from conventional means, she's pretty sure that extinguishing his psionic fire is killing him. She's suprised that he hasn't lost control of his form yet and reverted back to energy, but perhaps it works on a different base.

Gayle/Jono: "I..." No, she doesn't want to kill him ... but injure him a little more permently, yes. She'd been injured for 3 years, so he deserved something lasting too. As if the mental damage wasn't lasting enough. "No ... I don't want to kill him..." She narrows her eyes, "But ... This is..." She closes her hands at her sides. "What do you think, Jonothon? What do you think you deserve?" Jono looks at her with some suprise as she looks near tears. "I need to use this ... this power ... I don't even really control it." She adds quietly. Emplate had told her simply to take lives when she needed it and that's about it, and really, she needed some help. But she was brought up in -normalicy-, in richs --- suddenly becoming a murderer to survive overnight was not the -easiest- thing to adapt to. She brought her normal hand up to cover her face, not wanting to start crying. "Why do you deserve to... To destroy my life like that ... to take away our happiness, Jonothon... Our happiness." She lets her hand slide away to look at him. "To go...live here, with your mutant friends and your girlfriend and live like this after .... You killed them, Jono!" She yells again. "You ran before you got to see when the medics came and took away all those people ... So what ... So you could be invited to come live here in this luxury and just FORGET?! Shove me back in your head and forget like I was just...just..." She can't help the tears that come then, her makeup running slightly. Jono hadn't even gotten very far that night before he passed out and they'd found him as well before being quarrantined in the hospital --- but she did not know that much. Her parents had taken her away ASAP as she was suffering from severe post trauma stress. "And you..." She looks to Gaia, "You think that's fair?" Noted that the TK shield was still up.

Gaia: "You're not.. fair yourself..." Gaia knows enough of what has happened to know that Jono definately had no choice at all about getting away. It was either stumble away in shock, or stay and possibly be arrested or something for being a mutant. Jono really didn't have a choice about becoming a mutant too - no mutant ever did, and Gayle was just like the rest, becoming so irrational and angry for something that was beyond people's control. Her eyes slid shurt for a moment, the telekinetic shield faltering before she catches herself and bolsters it before Gayle can escape.

Jono/Gayle: "Let her go, Gaia..." Jono says under his breath when he can tell the shield is slipping. He knows she won't lash out again... Waiting until she complies before he looks to Gayle. "Gayle---" "No, Jonothon. What can you say? Nothing is going to fix this." She slowly got down as well, closing her eyes as tears spill down her fair skin. "Just ... just..." Gaia's conciousness slipped away quite soon after as the effects of what had happened fully kicked in. Jono looked back to her when she went unconcious, "---She'll be fine." Gayle adds when she sees Jono's concern. He looks back to her, also on the floor...before he moves slightly and puts an arm around her then, to which she widens her eyes at possibly the last thing she expected. "I meant what I said earlier Gayle ... I'm sorry ... Yer can stay 'ere too .... Get 'elp with yer power..." She looks up at him with makeup stained from tears before she puts her arms around him and hugs him tightly, "Oh Jono... I just tried to kill your friend... how can you say...." "But yer didn't. We ... we can work this out." She put her head back down on the side of his chest, crying softly. Penance had been watching the whole time ... but ... she slinks out now...and runs off.

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