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LOG: Lorna and Heather - The mutants are everywhere
LOG: Lorna and Heather
Summary: Lorna and Heather meet. Sparks fly. Lorna ends up moving out of that room and is crashing at Josh's.
Setting: Room 307, girl's dorm.
Disclaimer: This was done while I had a headache, it loses coherancy on my part near the end.

Heather: Heather was in the bathroom, door wide open, no need for privacy when you had a 3-bedroom dorm to yourself. She only wore her day of the week undies as she flossed her teeth in the smei-fogged mirror, Michael Jackson blasting from the radio on her dresser.

Lorna: Lorna walked down the hall, lugging the first and smallest of her bags behind her. Josh and his roommate would bring the rest, she had been told, so all she had to do was find the room and meet her new roomate. The music that accousted her ears the second she stepped into range did not bode well though. She stopped outside the open door, peeking in and raising both eyebrows at what she saw. Deciding not to just plain barge in, she knocked politely but loudly on the door.

Heather: Heather danced around a bit, using her tooth brush a microphone. It was only after a few knocks, that got louder and louder, did she realize that someone was knocking on her open door. She squeaked and grabbed wrapped a towel around herself, which hardly did much since she was so tall. She smiled at Lorna, her face red as ever. "Hi!"

Lorna: Lorna gave her a slightly distant smile in return. "Hello, I'm Lorna Dane. You must be Heather. Did someone come tell you that I'm going to be your new roommate...?" Though she hoped to God that someone had told Heather, another part of her said bad things about someone who proanced around in their underwear while expecting company.

Heather: Heather nodded, even though her words were different "Uh...no one told me anything...I think." It was then that Lorna's words registered fully with her, roommate?! She glanced back quikly into the room, every bed was messy and clothes, weights, and sweaty towels lied about in varies piles of clutter. She turned back even redder. "Are you sure you were given this room?"

Lorna: Lorna nodded as well, carefully never letting her eyes go beyond the face, or alternately following Heather's gaze back to the exceptionally messy room. "This is room 307? I was told to go here since the rooming assignments mean I can't get my own private room." Not that she was sure that she wanted to be here - how could anyone live in such clutter?!

Heather: Heather looked her over a few times. It would make sense to stick soemoen in with her, Jen had left...permanently for all she was aware. I guess they found out she had been enjoying her privacy too much. Still she hoped there was soem mistake. "Who assigned this room to you?"

Lorna: Lorna flipped her hair in a practiced gesture, sleek straightened brown that she hadn't yet allowed to go back to it's normal green. "Some teacher came down. Dr. Summers? I think that was her name - she handled my registration here as well."

Heather: Damn! "Oh.." She moved aside and gestured the girl to come inside. Her hair was still driping wet from the shower, leaving spots on the floor where she had just been standing. Heather ran over to the radio, lowering the volume down so she could be heard clearly. "The room's a complete mess...I hadn't had any time to clean...You can have the bed in the there" She pointed to the bed closest to the door. The middle bed had been Jen's and she still might come back so she didn't want her to be bedless when she did.

Lorna: Lorna looked around as she walked in, noting that the room was indeed a mess. She mustered up a polite smile for the sake of getting along, though, and murmered politely "It's fine, really. I'm um, sure that it looks really lovely when it's cleaned up." She moved carefully across the floor, dodging piles of mess and unidentifiable substances to carefully place her designer Versace lugage bag on the bed. She was so not letting it touch the floor.

Heather: Heather bent down trying to clean up a bit, however, her towl fell open but she caught it in her grip before anything could be seen reminding her that she needed to get dressed first. She took what she grabbed and held her towl closed with her other hand and walked awkwardly to her dresser, pulling out a green tank top with built in bra, it was low cut on her, shrank in the dryer, but it covered more than the towle had. She let the towel fall to the floor and grabbed some cut off denim shorts, sliding into those.

Lorna: Lorna poked tentatively at the bedspread, wondering if anything had infested it. She could pay for the room to be fumigated, but she didn't want to offend her roommate so soon. She turned to talk to Heather, then mentally winced when she saw what she was wearing, but again it was too soon to inflict fashion advice. She smoothed down her own neat green silk knee length dress, DKNY, pointedly, though. "How long have you been here?" she asked, politely, to start the conversation.

Heather: Heather was walking around quickly grabbing all the empty water bottles and other garbage of the sort, throwing them out in a trash bag she carried with her. "Umm...about six weeks? I swear I'm not this messy but I wasn't feeling my best when I got back from Hawaii with Alex. And with Jen gone I felt no rush to clean...then other things came up and kept distracting me..." She tied up the bad and gathered all dirty clothes and towels making a rather large pile of them.

Lorna: "Alex from Hawaii... I know that name! That's Josh's new roomate, I hear he got back an hour ago and collapsed into bed and hasn't moved yet." Lorna had been around to see Josh and had spent a few seconds checking that Alex was still breathing, since he had looked absolutely comatose.

Heather: Hetaher had no clue who Josh was, but Alex was back!! "He is?!?!" Her face was brightly smiling, almost swoony-like. She hoped he had been feeling much better by now, she missed him so much. Now she wished Lorna really wasn't around, she wish she could run off to go welcome him...whereever his new room was... She calmed herself and stuff the laundry in a extra-large laundry bag. "Oh..I'll have to go see him sometime..." Her voice was a lot more calmer now, almost solemn.

Lorna: "You might want to wait until he wakes up," Lorna said wryly. "He looks beat, but Josh said that when he wakes up, he'll get him to come over and help move my bags. It might take a fair while though."

Heather: Heather chewed on her lip, and sank to the floor sitting crossed legged. She remember how much the jet lag drained her, six hours into the future can do that, she hoped it was just the jet lag and he'd pop by to see her, if he still wanted to even talk to her after what happened. "It's okay...he probably doesn't want to tlak to me anyways..."

Lorna: Lorna didn't know what that little issue was about, but supportive was one of the roles she could do. She fastidiously brushed off the bedcover before sitting down on it, not even wanting to think about sitting on the floor. "What happened between you guys? Bad breakup?" She hadn't even met him properly yet.

Heather: "Major breakup...it was terrible..." Of course the breakup was between Kyle and Alex but she didn't feel like getting into details. She was busy nibbling on her bottom lip wondering if Alex will actually talk to her. She didn't dare make the first move and push him to do it.

Lorna: Lorna got up, and placed a supportive hand on Heather's shoulder. "Ex's and breakups are horrible, but you learn something from it each time and sometimes you make a good friend out of it." She'd certainly had her share of temptatious affairs back home.

Heather: Heathr a various thoughts running through her mind; preventing her from fully taking in Lorna's words. "It really was all my fault...I guess next time I'll learn not to overstep my place." She got up leaned against the wall, still lost in her own thoughts, mostly hating on herself for the whole Kyle situation.

Lorna: Lorna twitched visibly. "There is no set place in a relationship and girls should so totally not be subservient to guys." Noone would call Lorna a feminist since she didn't fit the sterotypical picture of one, but she opposed anyone thinking girls were in any way worse the guys.

Heather: Heather shook her head, her damp hair sticking to her flushed cheeks, she wanted to be alone again then she could curl up and cry her heart out. "You don't understand....but that's okay...I know it was my fault...he said so himself."

Lorna: Lorna shook Heather lightly, shaking her own head. "You can't believe everything guys say. Fact of life - boys lie."

Heather: She shook her head and walked away from the wall, away from Lorna's grip on her. "You don't understand...it wasn't like that at all..."

Lorna: Lorna raised an eyebrow watching her walk away, thinking slightly cynically about people who believed every breakup was their fault and refusing to stop dwelling upon it. If Heather wasn't going to listen, then she might as well stop trying.

Heather: Heather suck in some air and walked further from Lorna toward the bedstand, grabbing a water bottle off it and chucking half of it down in one gulp. Trying to replenish the tears that didn't show. "Um...sorry...Alex is just a touchy subject with me. Tell me more about yourself!"

Lorna: "It's fine," Lorna said, not showing any of what she was thinking. "You needed to get it all out. Um... I just got here last week, in time for to see the mutant possession. Did you hear about that?"

Heather: "Yeah..." interrupted teh sex >.> Now owuld be a good time to change the subject, Heather. "Soo..." Then room was looking a lot better, only the beds were messy now. "Eh...you might want to change the bed sheets...I mean...I don't know how long they've been there." She glanced about, frowning at the borning furniture colors. "I would've decorated more...Jen and I were going to but...stuff came up...besides I don't have enough money to transform this room into something pleasant to sight." Heather had planty of money, passed to her from her father but she'd rather die before she touched that filth.

Lorna: "What we need is Gaia," Lorna said wryly, looking at the blah colour scheme. "Have you met her? But barring that, we could max out my credit card. And I already have sheets." She gestured to her lone bag. "More furniture will be coming as soon as they boys get here."

Heather: "Uh...Gaia? How can she help out?" Wait a second she was already planning to transform a room she hadn't even been in for 24 hours?! How intrusive...and what was this new furniture???

Lorna: "Gaia's can make things, anything she can visualise, and she doesn't mind helping if we ask. I thought you wanted to decorate...? I don't have much stuff, my bedside lamp and a couple of pillows and covers. I left everything at home." She frowned slightly, remembering that she wouldn't be able to go home for a while yet, unless it was only for short visits.

Heather: "..." She would just abuse someone else's mutation for the appearance of a simple room?! "Is that her mutation? To do that stuff?"

Lorna: "Her mutation is a lot of things, she's amazing. She's not even from this galexy and dimension." Lorna didn't see anything wrong with that, since Gaia wasn't objecting.

Heather: "..." Her mouth gaped open in surprise, she had never met a person who didn't use their mutant abilities for simple delgihts, that was just selfish, what a waste... "And she's just whip up some new furniture for us? Without question?"

Lorna: Lorna raised an eyebrow at her moodswinging, from hysterical tears to hysteria about powers. "She's a nice person, she'd do favors for friends." What else would Heather have her do, go out and save the world through solving world hunger, poverty and perhaps creating world peace? She didn't see any mutants doing that.

Heather: "Favors?! Is that what you call such selfish behavior? Favors? Thats...thats just..." Stupid, wrong, selfish, annoying, wrong, horrific, thoughtless, selfish, wrong "...wrong. Its very very wrong."

Lorna: "Selfish behaviour?" Lorna repeated, starting to get slightly annoyed herself. "You mention that you didn't have time to do the decorating, I mention someone who would be willing to help, and you think it's wrong. Fine."

Heather: Her eyes were wide with contempt for her new roommate. "Uh...hello...that would be under Using Your Powers for SELFISH Reasons! It's liek cheating...how could you even think about doing something like that... I would be so ashamed of myself."

Lorna: "As opposed to what, only using your powers to benefit others and being a total matyr about it? Yeah, it's totally cheating to use the abilities that you've been given, that other people will prosecute you all for the sake of being good and holy." She glared back, at the person who would dare say that trying to get a benefit out of the powers that would bring them so much pain from other people was wrong.

Heather: "You should only use your powers to help benefit those in need of it...never for personal benefits...that's completely selfish of you. Its just like a pregnant woman having an abortion just because its her body. Things like pregnacy and mutations are special gifts and with them comes responsibilty...how could you be so careless about it?"

Lorna: "You're against abortion as well, even if it was a teenager, even if the child would be disadvantaged, even though if it was born it would ruin the life of the mother, and probably that of the child because of the circumstances? You think that every mutant out there is going to only use their powers for good? You think that people care that mutants are only going to use their power for other peoples benefits? What are you, naive or insane? The majority of people out there are going to persecute us for being, and yet you want to punish yourself for being a mutant by using your powers for the express purpose of only helping other people. That's like saying if you're smart, you shouldn't exercise your intellect. Like professional atheletes are wrong for even using their talents. That anyone the slightest bit different should hide it unless it's for the benefit of others."

Heather: "Excuse me...Life -all life- is precious. If my mother had beleive in such selfish thing I nor my brother would not be here right now. To her we were a disadvantage...to my father as well, which is why there is such a thing as adoption. You cannot predict the fate of an unborn child, that's overstepping your boundries. I am not ignorant nor naive so don't presume judgement on someone you hardly know. You've just been spoiled, Yes there are mutants who use they're powers for selfish reasons and humans who hate on us for simply existing, do you think continuing down the smae path will benefit anyone in the long run? Even yourself? Why don't you place yourself in someone else's shoes for once. How would you feel if you were being opressed and there was nothing you could do about but the only people who can won't because they are too busy satisfying there latest fetish. How would you like it if your only child was left to die because no one did anything about?! Satisfying personal needs is purely wrong. Can't you see the beauty that's in life....you just can't go around worrying about looks and latest form of entertain, that's shallow and disgusting."

Lorna: Lorna sniffed at the inherant contradiction in Heathers words as she admonished her not to presume judgement on someone unknown, while making her own asumptions. What did she think she was, an avenging angel ready to right all the wrongs in the world? Someone needed to teach her the reality of a few things, but Lorna was slightly too disgusted to take on such an enormous task. "So if your child, you baby was going to be born with an incurable disease, or if having the child would put the mother's life in danger, or if the child was a product of rape and would have a stigma attached to it, or any other myriad of reasons, then you believe that still having the child is the only way? That there is no way on Earth that it is ever justified? Take your own advice and think about everyone else as well, not just the immediate consequences. You think that using your powers for yourself means that you can't use them to help other people? You've never heard of balence? Why can't you see that making yourself a matyr and denying who you are doesn't help anyone?!" Lorna didn't want to stay in the same room as this... this person who thought she was so much better. If she had to, she'd camp on the floor of Josh's room.

Heather: Heather clenched her jaw, a million more examples and reason came to mind in response, but this girl was just pissing her off, completely misunderstanding her. "I am not making myself a martyr. The last I would want to do is help someone as helpless as you, you just wouldn't be worth it." She turned and stormed out of her room slammed the door so hard it bounced back open, echoing down the corridor.

Lorna: Lorna raised her eyebrow at the dramatic exit on such a cliched line, from her own room too. And dressed like that, too. She picked up her bag, ruefully thinking about what the teachers would say, and dragged it down to Josh's room. Alex was still comatose on the bed, and Josh had disappeared somewhere, but there was still a spare bed. He wouldn't mind if she crashed there, would he? She dropped her bag onto the floor and lay back on the bed with a sigh. It was nice to know that everyone here at the school was just so lovely.

Current Mood: headache

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*begs* Force them back with each other, pwease?
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Me? And, I thought they dislike each other.
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You're the almighty mod. Force them...and make them see Felicity for counseling.
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Oh, yes. *Moves metaphorical puppet strings* XD;

Jono has scared that women away, sad to say. I think she'll be moving out soon <_<
From: baywatcher Date: August 30th, 2003 11:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
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