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LOG: Josh and Tobias - The mutants are everywhere
LOG: Josh and Tobias
Summary: Tar Tobias comes back to the mansion, much sap is had by all, ending as they always do >:D
Setting: Josh's room.

Josh: Josh had had a pretty full couple of days, what with the mutant possession of a few students and the blowing up of a bit of the mansion. That plus the hurricane force that was Lorna Dane sweeping into his life and subjecting him to things that will remain unnamed. Currently, he was just lying back on his bed, staring at the ceiling and enjoying the peace.

Tobias: Tobias sighed as he closed the mansion's front door behind him, his ratty black bag dragging along the floor as he slowly pulled himself up the stiars. Nobody said college was going to be mentally and physically draining. Throwing the bag near the door to his dorm, he shuffles down the hall to Josh's room, taking a deep breath before knocking on the door.

Josh: Josh slowly peeled himself off the bed, not really wanting to get up since he was tired, but did so anyway. "Come in," he called out, shuffling slowly towards the door to open it. When he did, he blinked. "Tar! Um... Tobias!" The name still felt foreign and strange on his tongue.

Tobias: Tobias laughs a little bit at the whole name bit, a light smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "You can call me either, it doesn't really matter," He grins. Despite his currently cheery mood, he wasn't sure, still, if Josh would really want any physical contact after all of this.

Josh: Josh gave him an uncertain smile, glad that Tar/Tobias (he was going to have to make a decision about what to call him, or he'd resort to the first initial, and call him T) was back, but not sure what this all meant. "Ah'll try to remember ta call y'all Tobias," since that was the entire symbol of Tar creating a new life away from the Warclan, wasn't it? "Come in." He stepped back from the door frame to make room for Tobias to pass.

Tobias: "Y'sure?" Remaining in the same stance, he arches both brows, tilting his head a little bit to one side with a rather curious, mildly surprised expression.

Josh: "Unless y'all wanna go elsewhere ta talk?" Josh gave him the same puzled expression.

Tobias: "No, I mean..." He rubbed a hand over the back of his neck. Apparently Josh wasn't reacting the way he expected so far -- a good thing, he supposed. Looking up with a light smile, he shrugs a shoulder casually, walking past Josh into his dorm room, "Hm, just nevermind it." He didn't care. He was near Josh again and that was all that mattered at the moment.

Josh: Josh gave him a confused look. It seemed like he missed half of the subtext going on sometimes. He closed the door behind them, wandering over to sit on the bed and gesturing towards the chair for Tar. Tobias. Tar. That guy. There was still a whole lot of issues to work out, but he was sort of... coping, for now. Witnessing an attack from a rampaging mutant child because of a misunderstanding sort of put things into perspective. "So..."

Tobias: Releasing his breath in the form of a sigh, Tobias takes a seat into the designated chair, sitting in a rather stiff, yet relaxed position as he crossed his ankles. "Right.... Anything interesting happened in the past few days?" Small talk. Jesus be damned if that was all he could think of right now.

Josh: "Mutant possession, a bit of the mansion was blown up... nothin' much. Gaia, Monet an' Paige fixed it up again, so y'all can't even notice it. Lorna an' Ah got flung offa tha mansion roof," he offered, not sounding very serious, despite the content manner of his words. "It was weird."

Tobias: Tobias paused for a long moment, raising both brows and wondering how Josh could say that strand in a casual manner. "And you don't seem at all bothered by any of this," He half-smiles, half-smirks.

Josh: He grinned at him. "Nah, no one 'round here was hurt, an' no-one was injured bad at town. The um... ghost mutant possesor an' us finally worked out what was wrong, an' he went off somewhere. An' Ah met a few new people." There was not much point in dwelling on things that had happened, since he couldn't change them.

Tobias: "Oh? Who'd ya' meet?" He pulls his knees into himself, tilting his head to on side in an interested fashion. He didn't feel much like talking about the mansion's issues right now as long as they were done and taken care of like this.

Josh: "Lorna Dane, new girl from California. She's down the halls thattaway," he gestured with his arm in the vague direction, but kept his eyes on Josh. "Umm... Gaia, an' Jono, but he was a ball of flame the last time Ah checked."

Tobias: "Have fun with them?" He grins, making it sound suggestive, when it all actuality it was meant as clean fun. None the less, who better to tease?

Josh: Josh blushed even at the insinuation. "It's not like that! They're jus' friends, now. Ah haven't really met many people here." And with Tobias leaving, he'd sort of been set adrift. Looking down for a second, he let his hair fall over his face, then looked up again with a small smile. "An' what have y'all been up ta in Manhattan?"

Tobias: "School," He smiles sarcastically, rolling his eyes. "I doubt I'll be doing much aside from school now that I've gotten all this hellish paperwork done," He made a face at the thought.

Josh: Josh tilted his head to look at him. "What classes have y'all enrolled in?" It's a bit strane that he doesn't already know, considering how close they've sort of been getting, but he guessed they really didn't talk much.

Tobias: "Way too many," He grins, leaning back comfortably in the chair. "Focusing in, er, majoring, in Psychology as of this year."

Josh: Josh nodded. "Sound interestin' but... Ah won't see y'all 'round here often, then?" He'd known that Tobias would be going off to college soon, but he hadn't really prepared for the semi-long-distance thing.

Tobias: Again, he rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm not sure about all of that just yet.. It's close enough to where I could just stay here instead of getting an on-campus dorm.." He looked up and over to Josh. "What would you think of that?"

Josh: Josh was torn between wanting Tobias close and living here, and feeling guiltily glad that Tobias would be away from the mansion, and wouldn't be able to gather any information. "Ah... would like it if y'all could stay, but Ah don't want y'all ta be inconvenienced, an' need a long car ride back an' forth ev'ry day..." which was a fairly neutral answer.

Tobias: Tobias shrugs both shoulders casually, resting his chin on one knee, seemingly studying the carpet. "Not that much of a bother." He looks back up for a moment, "Like I said, whichever one won't bug you," He grins a little bit.

Josh: Josh squirmed internally, feeling a few pinpricks of guilt. But Tobias had said he was changing, and he'd even gotten the new name and stuff like that and... well, Josh would like him to be around. "In that case, Ah'd be glad if y'all could stay close..." Looked at him through his eyelashes, shy smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He squished the bitty little voice in his mind yelling at him for thinking of himself over everyone.

Tobias: "Positive?" He smiles good naturedly at Josh's expression, however noting the hesitation in his words. Nerves found him tapping his fingertips over his exposed tattoo in his currently folded up position.

Josh: Josh nodded, deciding that since he'd made his choice, he'd better stick to it and not second guess himself. That way lay insanity. "Ah'm sure. If.. y'all wanna stay here...?" He sounds a bit uncertain himself, near the end, since Tobias doesn't seem too positive about staying. He didn't want to force him into following his own whims.

Tobias: Laughing a little bit at the uncertainty behind his words, Tobias stands up and moves over to Josh, sitting down sideways on his lap with a quirky smile. "I'm only staying if you're comfortable with it."

Josh: Josh smiled over at him. "Ah'm good with it if y'all are, an' we'll stop there. Othahwise we'll be talkin' 'bout it all day." It was... sweet, and strange, how they pussyfooted around each other. Like they didn't want to accidentally hurt each others feeling or something, but it sure took a long time to decide things, then.

Tobias: Tobias smirked undauntedly, looping an arm languidly around Josh's shoulders, resting the other against his waist. "So the jury has spoken; I'm going to stay here?" He arches both brows.

Josh: "Ya'll going to stay here," Josh agreed, and leaned back against Tobias, small smile on his face. Even if he wasn't sure what was going on, he still wanted him around. "An'... what made y'all chose tha name Tobias, anyway?" Sudden change of topic, but enquiring minds wanted to know.

Tobias: "Actually," He shifts his position to sitting behind, instead of on, Josh so as to allow him to lean back more comfortably, "That's my birth name." Carefully, he wraps both arms around the other boy from behind.

Josh: "Ah like it," he comments, rather innanely, since it's not like his opinion's going to change anything. He leaned back a bit more with a soft sigh, content for now to just sit here and make small talk.

Tobias: "Apparently so did Mom," He closes his eyes and rests his head lightly against Josh's, holding him in a secure embrace as long as he would stay there.

Josh: Josh stays there for a little while, feeling the soft brush of Tobias' breath against his neck. He gets the feeling that if he doesn't say something soon, it might turn into the physical once more, and they should really talk. About stuff. Mmmhmm. Even if this is nice. "Hmm... so, what else did y'all find out?" Meaning with the paperwork and family thing.

Tobias: "Most everything about Mom and Dad... their individual backgrounds.. things about their divorce, reasons why we were orphaned.. things like that," Tobias sighs a bit, rubbing Josh's back with one hand gently while they spoke.

Josh: Josh nodded, not really knowing the appropriate things to say. "Do y'all wanna talk 'bout it...?" he offers, not wanting to infringe on the privacy thing, and Tobias has never been the most open person about his past. With good reson, but still.

Tobias: "It's not peaches and creame, so the question is; do you want to hear it?" He places a gentle kiss against the crown of Josh's head. It didn't bother him to talk about it at this particular point in time, it was just the matter if Josh wanted to hear it.

Josh: Josh half nodded. "If y'all want ta talk about it. Ah'm... intereted. 'Bout y'all." Sounds a bit coy, but he's telling it like he feels it, since Tobias is his somewhat significant other, even if they're pretty inconventional. And they were back to the old 'do you want to?' 'only if you want to' exchanges again.

Tobias: "Well," He draps his chin over Josh's shoulder, looking up at him with both brows arched, "What do you want me to begin with?"

Josh: "Ah don't mind, but tha beginnin' is always good," he said, gently smile even though he could really see Tobias at this angle.

Tobias: "I was born, raised with my sister, and orphaned," Tobias smiles wryly, words dripping with a playful sarcasm. "Now then, out of that, which details do you want?"

Josh: Josh snaked an arm around and poked him. "Give me a second to process all hat information, y'all don't wanna overload mah brain."

Tobias: Tobias smirks and then sticks his tongue out, "Take your time," He grins, laughing a little bit under his breath.

Josh: Josh screwed his nose up, mock pouting though it wasn't really all that effective with Tobias not being able to see. "Mmmkay, Ah think Ah processed all of that. Now... where an' when were you born? An' to who?"

Tobias: "In a galaxy far, far away," He grins, leaning back onto the bed and pulling Josh with him. "Nah, ninteen years ago in Oslow, Norway, to my now divorced parents. Who apparently moved here to America, and after Elysia was born, we were.. pitched out, I guess."

Josh: "Pitched out?" Josh repeated, slightly confused already. He went along with the movement, though, but squirmed around so that he could face Tobias, looking down at him and supporting his weight on his elbobs on either side of Tobias' body.

Tobias: "M'hm; pitched out, abandoned, orphaned, whatever you want to call it, we weren't welcome in that household anymore," Tobias shrugs simply, looking up at Josh in a sweetly matter-of-fact way.

Josh: Josh blinked down at him, not really comprehending how any parent could do that to their children. "But... why?" Bent his head down to brush a quick kiss across Tobias' lips as comfort.

Tobias: "Just weren't ready for kids yet, I guess... It had nothing to do with our little mutant abilities," He leans up slightly to tenderly kiss Josh, resting back against the pillows after a moment of that.

Josh: Josh nodded, but really didn't understand. Family was family, and they stuck together, right? Strange. "How did you meet the Warclan?"

Tobias: "Jaeger found us and ironically had no idea we were.. special.. I don't know, they probably would have thrown us out had our abilities not come in handy a time or two anyway.." He sighed half-heartedly and then smiled inspite of himself.

Josh: Josh blinked down him, noting the little smile despite everything. "Good memories?" Gave him the shy beginnings of a smile in response.

Tobias: Tobias looked up and arched an eyebrow coyly at him, smirking, "No, not particuarly; why do you ask?"

Josh: Shrugged slightly. "You were smiling. People usually do that when they're happy an' all." Leaned down a bit dlower, rubbing his nose against Tobias'.

Tobias: "And I am happy," He tilts his head up slightly to kiss the tip of Josh's nose. "There weren't really any good memories associated with Warclan," he murmers lightly.

Josh: Josh half-frowned at that. "What are y'all good memories?" he asked, since Tobias really didn't seem like he'd had the happiest life from what he'd heard.

Tobias: It actually took him a minute to think of anything. "Having my sister right there with me the whole time.. our abilities go hand in hand and I doubt either one of us would have survived without the other," He smiles genuinely, leaning up to kiss Josh, "And just to be completely sappy; meeting you."

Josh: Josh let the kiss continue for a bit, breaking it off to smile down at him. "Y'all too sweet to me. An' what's your sistah's abilities? Is she goin' ta come live at the mansion too?" The place was certainly big enough, especially if his sister was trying to get away from the Warclan too.

Tobias: "Her's are the opposite of mine; she can warp reality into anyone's most desireable fantasy land." Carefully, he wraps his arms around Josh, pulling him down gently. "I doubt she'll be coming here, but I've got nothing to lose asking her."

Josh: Josh went willingly along with the motion, smiling at him. "Ah'd love ta meet her." Captured his lips in a kiss again.

And fade to black
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