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LOG: Nate and Theresa - The mutants are everywhere
LOG: Nate and Theresa
Synopsis: Theresa comes and visits Nate and they go to lunch and see a movie. During some of the time, his alternate reality is discussed. Ends with a kiss <3
Location: Park, Resturaunt, Movie Theatre

Theresa: As soon as she woke up, Theresa had a shower and got ready for the day. She was going to go visit Nate. It would be the first time she had seen him since he'd left, so she was looking forward to it. She borrowed Sara's car and drove to where Nate said they should meet up. She sat on one of the benches because she was early.

Nate: Nate had tied his hair back into a small ponytail once more, still not figuring to go get it cut --- and a navy blue t-shirt and jeans. He flew to the spot, just on the edge of the park, where they could walk to town and get something to eat or look around at the shops. While that bored a lot of boys, everything in town fascinated Nate. He'd gotten over his extreme uncomfortableness around crowds, and it made the town a little more comfortable. He uncloaked nearby the spot before he walked up to meet her and gave her a half smile when she looked over, "Am I late?" Since she had got there before him.

Theresa: She smiled. "Nope, I'm just early," she told him. She stood up and gave him a quick hug. "So, what are we going today?" she asked with enthusiasm. In truth, she was just happy to see Nate; she didn't particularly care what they did. "And how have you been? What have you been doing?" Questions flew out of her mouth before she realised she was bombarding him with them at which point she closed her mouth and looked down, slightly embarrassed.

Nate: He gave her a little hug back, happy to see her. Marie was the only one to come and visit him -- he had simply bumped into Rachel -- and hadn't had time to go back to the mansion. Theresa had become one of his closest friends quick as she had been new at the same time he was, and had sort of shared the firsts of this school with her. Plus, he knew her from his reality ... reminded himself this was a different Theresa, sometimes people were complete opposites in this reality, and shouldn't be regarded as the 'same person' at all minus appearences but, still. "You haven't eaten yet, have you? I was thinking we could go get something and then maybe go to the mall, see a movie or whatever you like." Shrugs with a smile. He was happy to answer her questions, "I've been pretty good ... busy. I got ambushed by a bunch of people at my apartment a few days ago, actually..." Laughed a little and motioned for her to come walk with him so they could head into town. "I've been working here. I've been trying to get a 'real' job though ... I went to this copy store a few days ago but it's a lot harder than it looks." Rubbed the back of his head at the fiasco that had been, before he looks over to her, "What about you?"

Theresa: She grinned. "Nope, haven't eaten. I came straight here," she told him. She listened as she told him about what had been happening as she followed him into town. "Do you know who the people were that ambushed you?" she asked concerned. When he told her about the copy store job, she grinned. "I'd imagine it would be. No one would ever create an easy job," she admitted. "There's always some catch." She grinned, happy to finally be able just to enjoy Nate's company again. "Well, let's see. Sara and I are roommates with Illanya now - mind you, Sara's been out with Bobby most of the time, and Illanya was away, so I've just been hanging around, catching up on some work." She thought for a minute. "My father's come back to the school, and we've been doing some training together." She grinned slightly at what had been happening at the mansion. "I don't know if you've heard from everyone, but part of the mansion got blown up. Something to do with a couple of possessed students."

Nate: He realized he made it sound wrong, "Some people that wanted a reading while I was off work. You know, people that don't take 'not now' for an answer. I don't mind too much, but." Smiles a little. He likes to hear the recap as he knows each one of those people and it's nice to know what's going on when he isn't there. "Your father -- That's right, he use to be one of the X-Men?" He vaguely remembered what she had told him that day. "I did hear about that, Gaia and Jono. They're ... sort of friends of mine." Sort of was the right word. Gaia was nice to him but Jono was ... mixed messages to the 10th power. "Strange thing is, I thought I sealed up the mutant that possessed them ... and my powers usually never fail." It ... worried him. The only way that seal should of broke was if he conciously removed it. He had no memory of that ... They entered onto sidewalk then, the town own partially busy at the moment.

Theresa: "Oh," she replied, slightly embarrassed about misunderstanding his meaning. The last thing she wanted to do was to look stupid in front of Nate. She nodded when he recognised her father. "He was a member of the X-Men for a little while, then he went and taught at the Massachusettes Academy - where Generation X were taught." She smiled reassuringly at him when he admitted that he'd tried to seal up the mutant. "Maybe there was something else to it," she suggested. "We can't control every single thing that has been laid out for us. We can try, but it doesn't mean we can do it." Then she grinned. "But maybe you can, Mr. All-Powerful." The name was said with affection, and she meant it sincerely. She looked around the town; she'd only been in a few times, so she wasn't all that familiar with everything there was. "So what movie did you have in mind?" she inquired politely.

Nate: He frowned slightly when she mentioned having a lack of control of powers. He had lived a life of no control. No control of where he slept or when he ate or when he worked and didn't work. He'd only been free for half a year now --- really free for a month. His "free" time in his reality was always running from Apocalypse with Forge and the others, it was hardly the "free" there was here where you went where you pleased with no real worry. His powers were the only thing that -were- in his control. But it faded when she added another sentance and he smiled a little over at her as they crossed the street before looking around for somewhere good to eat. "Oh, nothing in mind." He remembered when he chose the movie that Alex had got all squirmy and didn't like it, so he didn't trust himself to pick. "I haven't looked, actually --- do you know what's out?" Strange that if he was having this conversation just a few weeks ago it would of all been lost to him. He spotted somewhere good and led her down the block before opening the door for her and letting her in first. It was a casual resturaunt with a fair amount of people but it was a seat yourself sort of place.

Theresa: "To be quite honest, I have no idea," she replied to his question about the movies. She smiled and followed him into the restuarant. They made their way to a table in the corner and sat down. After a minute one of the waitresses came by and gave them the menus, then left them to decided. The both scanned the menus for a few minutes. "Have you come here before?" she asked him. She was having a bit of difficulty deciding what to have. "Any suggestions about what's good here?"

Nate: "We'll figure something out when we get there, then." He added to the first part before he looked over his menu. He nodded slightly at her first question as he scanned it over once more. "Mmhmm. Actually, they make great pizza. You have to be in the mood for pizza though, you know? I haven't had any in awhile though, and they have some great kinds here. Sound good to you?" He set the menu down with a smile.

Theresa: She grinned. "Pizza sounds great," she said. She folded her menu and when the waitress came back, she handed it to her as Nate ordered their pizza. She also ordered a lemon squash drink. When they were left alone again, she decided to ask, "Does anyone hassle you when you use your powers?" It was something she had to ask - her whole life had been filled with the images of people persecuting mutants, yet Nate was actually using them to help people. She envied that a little because she knew she'd be too afraid to do it, especially if she didn't have any friendly faces to back her up.

Nate: He glanced off to the side for a moment, "One or two people, yeah ... I mean, no matter what you do, you're going to have to have to deal with people like that..." He didn't want to elaborate on the time he'd gotten down on one knee in front of a young boy and started to construct a pretty illusion in his hand of whatever the boy wished to see, via reading his mind, the boy fascinated --- before his mother scooped him up and yelled at Nate for being a creature 'against god' and carrying her son off quickly who was just confused. "Generally, everyone's pretty nice, though ... I don't think living at Xavier's helps other mutants see that. Humans aren't our enemies." It seemed so ... closed off there. A shelter. Yet you could not -always- be sheltered. [[I think a few of Bargain's men have been following me, though.]] Speaks telepathically, just in case. "I'm going to be going on the mission coming up soon to find him." Marie had allowed him to join the X-Men for that.

Theresa: She nodded. She knew they were sheltered at Xavier's, but she had spoken to a few people about that and when she had spoken to Sara about she had found out that if they were any less sheltered the students blamed the teachers for any trouble the got in to. Her eyes widened slightly when he telepathically told her about being tailed. When he mentioned the mission, she looked confused. "I didn't know they were planning anything. But then again, I'm just a student there," she shrugged, and tried not to feel the little pain of not knowing what was happening. She was used to it, of course - you couldn't live at Xavier's and not be fully aware that no one told you the whole truth, but it didn't mean it still didn't hurt. She mustered up a smile, and tried to think of someway to change the topic. "Oh, I've been meaning to ask you - you said there were people from this reality who were also in your own reality. Was I there?" She wasn't sure if she wanted to know if she had been alive or if she had died, but she was still interested.

Nate: "It hasn't been really dicussed yet, Marie just said there was going to be one ..." He looked over as their drinks were brought, he'd ordered a Sprite, sipping from that until she spoke up and he paused with his mouth on the straw. She must of immediatly noticed a change in behavior since he stopped sipping for a moment, before he set the glass down. Coughed slightly and cleared his throat, "You? Er... Yeah ... yeah, you were there." He looked off to the side, uncomfortable in a way, how he didn't expand ... she'd have to poke to get any more. What bothered him was this Theresa had reminded him a lot of his Theresa. In fact, she was one of the most similiar people he had met.

Theresa: She looked at Nate strangely. His behaviour had changed when she'd asked that, and she wasn't sure whether that was a good sign or a bad one. "I was?" When he nodded - and he still looked slightly uncomfortable - she let that information sink in. She didn't know why she had wanted to know that, but somehow it made her feel a little better. Maybe they had been friends in his reality as well. His behaviour still bothered her though. Maybe they hadn't been friends. "Nate, are you okay?" she asked. "You're acting a little strange," she said with a small grin. "But anyway, what was I like?" She paused. "I wasn't one of the bad guys was I?"

Nate: "Yeah, I'm ok..." Tried to look fairly normal about it once more, putting his elbows on the table and leaning foward slightly, holding one hand in the other and his mouth just behind them, "Um ... Well ... No, you weren't bad ... I, uh, travelled with 'you', actually. You saved me in a fight." Forge had insisted they leave the girl behind as it would slow them down, but they'd been freeing her from captivity of Apocalypse, and he felt he owed it to her to bring her along for saving him from nearly getting shot. "I told you I lived with a band of performers for awhile, right? Well, you joined us for awhile ... You were ... like ... you." He laughed a little but smiled at her then. "Only difference was your nickname. I helped you come up with it --- your powers had just manifested at the time we met. 'Sonique', that was it."

Theresa: She didn't truely believe that he was okay, his body language gave him away. She sighed inwardly when he told her she wasn't one of the bad guys. She didn't want to believe that she could be swayed into working for those who created violence in the world. Wait a sec, did he say that I saved him? She didn't know how that one worked. She looked at him a little weirdly. "And how exactly am I?" She was curious - no one knew what they were really like until someone told them, right? And a nickname... Sonique. She decided she liked it. Then again, she'd already been given a nickname already. Oh well. "That's a really nice name," she told him. "So we were friends?"

Nate: "How are you? You're ... funny, nice, friendly ... confident, pretty ..." Stops, ehe. Oh well, that could just be a generally nice friendly comment. "We were... friends, yes..." He wasn't lying, he just wasn't expanding. He didn't know if he -should- expand. He didn't want to put her in an uncomfortable situation. Really, how do you tell someone that? He'd been in love with her for only a month before he had to leave, and he didn't even know what had happened to her. On the other, maybe that was better than seeing her die, or anything. "Good friends." Nods a little and glances off to the side. Decides maybe a small topic shift while not so obvious would be good, "A lot of people were different there, though. A few people I never got to meet, but many were just the opposite."

Theresa: She blushed slightly. She wished he wouldn't see it, but it was pretty obvious anyway. After Sara had pestered her for a few days, she had admitted she like Nate a little more than in just a platonic way - and hearing his comment on her made her feel special. Oh, stop it, she told herself, he's just being nice. Like he said, they had been good friends. She hoped he considered her a good friend now. She looked at him curiously when he changed the topic. "What do you mean people were the opposite? Anyone I know?"

Nate: "You know Marie, right? She was married to Magneto, and they had a son." He kept his voice down, once again, just in case. "Magneto, he led the X-Men. Xavier had already died. The X-Men were pretty much the same ... Colossus, he was a lot different." He gave names, not sure who she did and didn't know, but she must of heard of these names at least. "Most everyone on the Generation X team were the second squad of X-Men, actually. Shadowcat was married to Colossus. She was even more different than he was." She was down right vicious. Luckily he'd only had a short run in with those X-Men for a battle. This was just such a far out topic, it seemed weird to speak about now. "But, not everything was different ... Jean was still married to Scott, for one."

Theresa: She nodded, and listened while he told her about various people. Some she knew, some she didn't - though she recognised everyone's names. She nodded and smiled when he mentioned Mr and Dr Summers. "I'm not surprised by that," she told him. "Sara and I went down to visit them in their house - did you know they moved out of the mansion? They renovated the boat house by the lake. Anyway, we were talking to Jean, and I mentioned I was going to see you, and she said to send her regards and that she couldn't wait to see you again. It's so exciting there, Jean's baby is due in a few weeks and we were painting the baby's room." She stopped, realising she was rambling. She was just excited, because she had become very close friends with Sara, and through her, the Summers family. "Sorry," she said. "I seem to be saying the weirdest things today."

Nate: The baby. He'd nearly blanked on that coming up. He wondered if it would be Rachel, or maybe a new child. If Rachel was from the future, it'd seem to make sense. He wondered if the cosmic order of things would let that work out, though. "She said that ... ?" He seemed almost a little meeker by mention of Jean wanting to see him. Of course, that was the naturaul reaction. He reminded himself that he would regard Jean as nothing more than a teacher and a doctor at that school, a supiorior as she was one of the X-Men. Still, he couldn't help but sort of want what Rachel had with her. "Nahh." He added to the last part, with a little smile. Their food came at that, looked and smelled great. "You know what is weird, though? That I'm actually getting use to this stuff." He took a peice of pizza then, before he took some ketchup that was already on the table, putting a small bit on a plate and dipping his pizza in it before eating it, obliviously contradicting his last statement.

Theresa: She grinned and watched as he dipped his pizza into tomato sauce. She bit into her own slice and grinned. When she had swallowed it, she complimented him on his choice of pizza. "I heard you were taking a few subjects up at the school," she told him. "It'll be great to have you around. It's so great seeing you." She hoped that sounded friend-like. When the waitress came past again she ordered another drink, having finished the first one. She looked at Nate and asked if he wanted another Sprite.

Nate: He nodded to the waitress, requesting another politely. He looked back to Theresa and smiled at the previous comment. "Just a few, yeah. I'm taking History, Global Studies --- You are too, right? I think I saw you on the list." It'd be nice to take classes he knew people in. He was so lost in the classroom evironment. While people had years to get ready for a serious highschool/college setting, this was Nate's first time even stepping foot in a class. "And Psychology. I think those are the most important, for me." What he needed was a general awareness, those 3 would help. Not ones that would get him ready for the work feild. He'd be dead by the time most people were in their 3rd or 4th year of college. "What are you taking? Are you taking any for your powers?" He remembered she mentioned wanting to get better with her powers before.

Theresa: She shook her head slightly. "I'm mainly working with my dad in regards to my powers. Sara, Bobby and I have worked a few times in the Danger Room with Mr Summers though - actually, Sara and I wandered down and made them let us practice," she admitted. "But yes, I'm taking Global Studies. That and health, history, math, advanced psychology and english." She grinned. "One more semester of school, then college," she said. "That should be interesting."

Nate: "College, right." Smiled a little but it seemed sort of distant, before he had another slice of pizza. "Are you going to go to college here in New York? I hear there's some real good ones. What do you want to do?" As in, major in for a degree. He had a vague idea of how college worked, degrees --- though he didn't know about the fine details of majoring, minoring, bachlor and doctors degree, and the like.

Theresa: A confused look came across her face. Absently she answered his question. "Uh, I don't actually know. I only started thinking about it recently. I might wait until it's a little closer anyway. I'm thinking I might wait before I go to college - you know, travel for a bit." Nate's behaviour was so odd today - more odd than usual, and she didn't think it was because of the differences he usually experienced from being from an alternate reality. She leaned forward a little. "Nate are you sure you're okay?" She hoped he felt he could talk to her about anything.

Nate: "Not singing?" He added with a little smile before his look softened to a sort of calm when she asked, "I'm fine, Ther, really. As okay as I get." Remembers hearing a strange thing or two Heather had said about him, as he was a telepath that instantly heard the thoughts of ones he passed by --- he only bothered to turn it off as a curtosey to his friends. Any of the little things that bothered him weren't worth talking about. The family thing, the impending death thng ... Things he hadn't shared with her. But he shouldn't dwell on them.

Theresa: She nodded. This was absolutely fantastic. She'd managed to turn the entire experience into something slightly depressing. She knew he wasn't telling her what was bothering him, and she didn't bother to push it further. He could tell her if he wanted, and obviously he didn't want to. She looked at her watch, and smiled what she hoped was a bright smile. "Did you want to head off or wait a while longer?" she asked him.

Nate: "We can go." He nodded with a smile then, since she had one on too. He had no problem with going happy again. He reached in his pocket and took out quite a lot of money, at least a few hundred dollars, before he paid the sufficient amount when a check was given plus an overally generous tip. All this money was for was rent, food and clothing, so he had no problem with giving a big tip. It got him a big smile from whoever was his server that day, and they always gave him good service in return. He got up and exited with her at that, walking out on to the street and heading to the movie threatre. "Sometime, I'll have to take you flying." It was a seemingly random statement, but that's how Nate was. "Have you ever been flying?" Her power could be used for it, but it didn't seemed developed at the moment.

Theresa: Theresa noticed the money, but didn't say anything. She followed him outside and towards the movie theatre. "Once or twice," she replied. She had used her powers to do it - and her father was pushing her to practice it - but she still wasn't entirely comfortable with it. But she knew everything took practice. They talked a bit while they walked, and were soon inside the theatre. She glanced up at the boards, and then looked at Nate. "Alright, what do you want to see?" she asked him. "I don't mind, so you can choose," she told him.

Nate: He glanced over the list of movies as he slipped his hands in his pockets. He had seen previews for a few of these on TV ... so he chose one at a degree of randomness. Not horror -- not after he'd seen Alex's reaction to that. Action with a little comedy seemed good though, so he chose one of that genre, paying for their tickets in, and hoping he hadn't made another stupid mistake in choice.

Theresa: Theresa walked out of the movie holding onto Nate's arm when it was over. "That was really good," she told him. She was wearing a grin, and still laughing slightly from memories of some of the funnier scenes. As they walked past the rest rooms, she said, "I'll be back in one sec," and ran into the women's rest room and freshened up. She took her hair out of the pony-tail it had been in because the elastic was pulling at her hair. She was back outside in a couple of minutes and smiled up at Nate. "So where to now?"

Nate: He smiled back at her when they had exited, crossing his arms and waiting for her before she came back out. His hair was mainly kept out of his face by the ponytail he had in it, but his white bangs which were almost chin length continued to get in eyes. He attempted to push them to the side but they always shifted back. "Don't know." He looked at his watch, 5pm. "Where do you want to go? Anything is fine with me."

Theresa: "We might as well head back to the park," she told him. "That's where I left Sara's car, anyway. I suppose I should be getting back soon." She tried a little to hide the disappointment in her voice. She did need to get back, though. She had training with her father in a few hours, whereinwhich she would get her ass kicked...again. They headed back towards the park. "Nate, what did I do in your band of performers?" She didn't know where that question came from either - but she was getting used to those odd questions popping into her head. One day she should learn to think before she spoke.

Nate: He nodded and went along to the park. He glanced over at her when she asked, "Oh, you were the only girl there, so you played a lot of important parts. Better than when one of us had to wear a dress and there was the illusion casted of bein' a girl." He grinned a little at the memories of one of them having a fit at having to wear some girl clothes. "We went all over, to what remained of human villages, and acted out plays ... You were very good." He looks down at her with his eyes from the side, though not turning completly so she notices. They cross the street and reach the beggining of the park.

Theresa: She smirked. "Please tell me it was you in the dress, because that would be extraordinarily amusing. And if you were, I could see why," she teased, pulling a little at his pony-tail. She did blush a little at the compliment - even though it was directed at an alternate reality version of herself. "I haven't done an acting since I was really little - and even then it wasn't much." Her past was filled with demons and many of them were ones she'd rather bury and forget.

Nate: "Hey!" He wasn't amused by that, but he didn't show any real annoyance. It had been, once or twice. He had a muscular figure though and even Forge had chuckled at that before he turned away. They had an illusionist in the group so he came off as a pretty thin little brown haired girl though. He'd refused at other times though. And it's not like he'd admit to anyone ever he had done that. "You have? Then I'm sure you'd be good now with some practice, too. You're so similiar to ... the other you." Glanced off to the side as he realized he was wandering too far. They reached the spot they had met up, he sort of wished it hadn't of come so soon. "Well ... It was nice getting to see you again, Theresa."

Theresa: Theresa nodded and sighed. This was it, and she was sad that she would really only see Nate in classes. She smiled slightly, and decided to do something brave. Or it could be incredibly stupid. It if was the wrong assumption, well, the seperation between them would most likely be a good thing. "I had a great time today, Nate. Thank you for that." She was being incredibly sincere. They stopped when they reached Sara's car. "Well, I guess I'll see you at school," she said. Then she faced him and put her hand on his shoulder to steady herself as she gave him a quick kiss on his lips. She started to get into the car before he could react properly, but didn't start the engine.

Nate: He pauses rather shocked when she kisses him quickly, not even getting the time to return the kiss which he, most likely, would of. He blinked once with the 'did that just happen...?' expression before he slowly smiled, looking sort of dazed in suprise but she didn't see that as she was getting in the car. "Yeah ... I'll ... I'll see you." The way he said it obviously implied he had liked it definitly. He couldn't think what else he could to say to that, it was the sort of reaction that could make the other feel almost smug. She was just like his Theresa.

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