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LOG: Jono and Rahne - The mutants are everywhere
LOG: Jono and Rahne
Synopsis: Jono goes to say goodbye to Rahne as he'll be leaving for the week. Instead, there are a change of plans. A distinct change in Rahne's personality becomes apparent. She comes with him (and they take Moira's car, hee hee ^.^) and they head towards the airport with plans to go to Seattle --- which are changed by Rahne to Hawaii. Unfourtunately, all good things come to an end, especially when Jono is around, and Rahne turns into her werewolf form. Things go downhill from there. After lots of mutant hatred, they make their way along anyway, and get on their flight.
Location: Rahne's room, mansion garage, Moira's car, airport.

Jono: Jono walked up stairs with his black back pack on one shoulder, wearing a black t-shirt and black pants that had straps up the sides like before, boots. He wasn't sure where he was going to go, but he simply knew there was a lot of people he needed to get away for awhile. Gayle, so she could straighten some things up on her own. Paige, who would probably beat him down if she found him after reading he was leaving. Gaia, who he was sure he was bringing bad luck to. Penance, who was probably scared of him now and was scared to go back to her home in the basement. He at least wanted to say goodbye to Rahne this time, though. He heads up to her room, finding it half open as she sits her desk. He pushs it slightly open, nodding to her when she turns to see him. "Wanted to say goodbye t'yer this time..."

Rahne: "Oh! Jono!! Jus' th' person Ah wanted tae see!" She looked exceptionally bright this morning, and well groomed. her scarlet hair was pulled back into a loose bun, hair coming out of it artistically. She wore a simple ash grey t-shirt, and semi loose blue jeans, with a studded belt, and chucks upon her feet. Standing up, she pushed in her chair and walked over to him, placing her hands on her feet. She talked if she didn't even hear him.. "Ah was wonnerin'.. Yanno, since ev'ryone 'as taken a vaca.. we 'avent.."

Jono: He looked suprised for a moment before he smiled a little at her when she was happy to see him. And even more so then when she wanted to ... she wanted to come with him? It hadn't even crossed his mind. Considering all the crap he and Gaia went through on their little trip --- but they had assumed that was just their bad luck when together. Things would most likely go better with Rahne --- getting to spend that much time alone with her -would- be nice. Mixed genders weren't allowed to sleep overnight in the same rooms, which was always a downside. "Yer ... wanna come with me?" For a second she must of thought she said something wrong, but his smile came back, "Yer right, yer are." He seemed to be able to match her emotion better then he could with anyone else. "We 'aven't ... we should." Oh, wait. "But. ...But I 'aven't gor'ra car ..." He certainly didn't want subject her to a bunch of aimless walking, which he had basically planned to do until he could get a cab. Cabs weren't very nice either.

Rahne: Rahne smiled gently, and pulled something jingly out of her pockets. Moira's car keys flashed jsut as brilliantly as her emerald eyes.. There was something different about her.. More animalistic. Iin fact, yes.. The wolf inside of her had been slowly taking over. Even her actions where quite unlike her. SHe smiled at him, and stuffed the keys back into her pocket. "All taken care of, laddie.." She winked, and hooked her thumb to her bedside, where a small duffel bag lay fat with her clothing. "Ah was think'n.. Seattle.. Ah've 'eard good things eh?"

Jono: His eyebrows went up slightly at the keys, suprised yet impressed with her. He knew she didn't have a car, which meant they belonged to someone else. He didn't think to question it, either. Jono hadn't done anything like this in a few years, such risky mannerisms that were part of his own personality but had faded and dissapeared after years of letting it while being holed up in the basement. Her behavior was different, as well ... more confident in a way ... but he liked it. "Seattle? Works for me." He shrugged slightly but kept a small smile. "After yer, luv." He motioned for the door and stepped aside.

Rahne: Rahne walked over to her bed, a small shake in her walk.. She had alot of weird energy for one who had woken up so fatiuged.. but she didn't bother telling Jono that. Indeed, she was acting odd.. She was too shy to tell anyone about what was going on with her body, with her other forms.. She didn't bother mentioning the fact that she had killed and eaten actual living things in her two other forms during her midnight strolls.. and that she had woken up, only relizing what she had done by the blood stains on her torn clothing. She passed Jono, smiling and grabbing his hand as she walked. "Ye a've yer stuff, laddie? Ah dun think we need a note, aye.."

Jono: "Anything I need's in 'ere" Moved his shoulder slightly so his backpack shifted and she could see it. He took her hand, watching her curiously though it didn't show on his expression. He wondered what had put her in such a good mood --- if it really was just this. "No, I've already told a few people ..." Followed her downstairs as they headed towards the garage, "What's got yer in such a mood?" He said it in a good natured tone though as so he wouldn't accidently sound offensive, curious.

Rahne: Rahne nodded, and smiled slighlty. It was a coy, confident smile.. She had actually written Moira a long letter of apology and had put it on her desk in her office. Rahne turned and opened up the doors in the black SUV. It was obvious whos car it was.. there were old medical papers strewn in the back, and copies of everyones histories in the back. Rahne tosses their stuff in the back from her seat in the drivers side, and unlocked Jono's door. She stuck the key in the ignition, and adjusted the mirros, fixing her hair. "Ah donnae know, actually.. Jus woke up this way.."

Jono: Annnd she was going to be driving, too. Hm, yes, different. But it was all good. Nothing seemed to be negative here, it was all extra positive, and so why poke at it? Unless he had to be worried about this relating to that whole time of the month thing. He remembered how Jubilee got all extra-perky before she got suddenly really angry during that time, which had once ended up in her sending paffs all over his room and destroying a lot of his records. He hoped it wasn't that as she was the driver now. "This is Moira's car, isn't it?" He leaned back slightly then, relaxing as she started the car up and such. "I never thought yer the type t'pull something like this, gel." He glanced over at her, but once again, it wasn't negatively said. It was intriguing. "Music? I take it the CD choice in 'ere isn't the best." He reached in his backpack before he took out a few CDs, one being a Pearl Jam cd among a couple other burnt cds.

Rahne: "Aye, tis Moira's.. She tuaght me 'ow tae drive it a few weeks past, laddie.." She pushed the stick into first gear, and drove out slowly, pressing the button that was hooked onto the rear-view mirrow to open up the gates. They drove out slowly, and Rahne looked over at Jono with a coy smirk. "Ah've already gotten some CDs in th' back... Ye'll find some Sonata Arctica, Blind Guardian and other thin's in there.." Rahne? Listening to metal? yes, this was certainly an odd change. but cahnces are that Rahne would be near normal tomorrow, and back to this 'Rahne" the next day, as it had happened before.

Jono: Pause. "Oh, really?" He reached in the back, almost expecting to find a 'just kidding!' attached even though it wasn't really a joke -- but still ... He still indeed found the CDs, bringing them upfront as she drove. Shifted through them, "... Nice." He was honestly curious what was going on here, as this had moved from a little extra energy to clear different personaltiy. Still. He opened one of the cases and put in the Blind Guardian CD, music turning on then, before he sat back again, putting all their other CDs in the holder and his back pack in back. "Yer sure yer not forgetting to tell me something 'ere, luv...?"

Rahne: Rahne sung softly to "Mirror, Mirror", the first song on the burned CD. Her sweet, angellic voice sounded odd when sung to these songs, but it was still nice to hear. She glanced over to Jono and a smile creased her gentle lips, her brilliant emerald eyes shimmering as they scanned over his handsome face. "Aye, nothing tae tell, ah kin.." She got onto the highway, a scowl creasing her face, a low feral growl emitting from her throat as she was cut off. She let out a gutteral growl, that sounded dangerously like one a wolf would sound out if her territory was being invaded. She let is pass, however, and kept driving, acting as if nothing had happened. "tae th' airport? Or ye wanna drive there?"

Jono: ... He had just kind of watched that happen, from the expression that had appeared to the sound. His empathic ability registered it oddly too. He really wanted to ask her if everything was all right, but she'd already insisted. He couldn't get anything else out of her. Perhaps he was right in his earlier thought. Except ... "Airport, prob'ly. Gas prices are bloody ridculous lately." He kept an eye on her though, couldn't help but be worried of ... something. "I don't 'ave more than 2 'undred on me though ... That isn't enough for more than one ticket."

Rahne: Rahne turned and smiled almsot angellically at Jono, winking her brilliantly colored eyes. "Airport tis, then.. An' donnae worry about th' money.." Since she was only a wee lass, rahne had collected money in the church in which she was amde to work by the Rev. A few ago, she had checked her account in the bank, once she had tranfered it to the States. She had well enough to transport them back. Their tickets where only 635 each, roundtrip out of New York. She smiled, her eyes wandering back to the road. "Ah.. Ah'm glad we're gett'n out, Jono.."

Jono: He wondered if he should object to that since asking her to pay as well didn't seem fair for a girl who had no job, but there wasn't another option. If they drove, they'd run out of money within 3 tank refills anyway on the money he had. He smiled a little at her, which she only half caught as she looked back to the road so she wouldn't miss the soon coming exit. "Me too, luv." He looked over as she took the exit that didn't take too long to come upon, leading them into the big New York airport. It was all happening so quickly, but after all that happening with Gaia, it did seem so suprising. It was only Rahne herself, who suprised him.

Rahne: In only 30 minutes, they had reached the airport parking lot. She parked the car and turned it off, handing Jono his bag once she had gotten her own. She turned the car alarm on, and took Jonos hand as they walked into the actual building. There was a bustle of people around, giving them friendly and unfriendly glances as they passed to the ticket counter. She told Jono to wait there, and she went to buy the tickets herself. "Destination, ma'am?" "O'ahu, Hawaii." Rahne had a sudden.. change of plans. She smiled as the lady took her name, and SSN, and other information that she would need. 15 minutes later, she rejoined Jono, but she kept the tickets to herself.

Jono: Jono looked around the airport from where he was, shifting his backpack back up. These places were always so crowded, especially the bigger ones in New York such as this one. He narrowed his eyes at some of the people who'd decided to give him looks as he still had a few visible scars on his face, and his pale skin contrasted with his black, as well as being tall --- he just stood out. It faded when he felt Rahne join his side again though. "When do we take off?" Puts his hands in his pockets and wonders if they should get something first, at least for her. He had a face again, thus he could at least taste things again, one angle of eating. It'd burn up within him once he actually swallowed though --- not that he had tried eating or drinking again to know that.

Rahne: Her hand slipped into his, and she looked up at him, smiling very widely. "2 hours, love.." She didnt think she'd tell them about their destination change until they were about to leave. Indeed, it was very lucky for them to get a ticket to Hawaii in such short notice for such little cash. Of course, they would be stopping in LA for a 3 hours layover.. "Wanna get summat tae eat..?" She hooked her thumb to a variety of shops.

Jono: He smiled back at her, much subtler but it still counted for as much. He never thought he'd find himself in love like this again, but Rahne had just fit perfectly. Considering that was a good amount of time, they could either sit in chairs and count planes that took off, or go look to the shops. Not knowing if he could eat or not, it still seemed like the better option. "Sure." He walked over there with her, the crowd slightly thinned down. It led them off carpet and on to tile, light music from above. There were several places to eat, and across and just a bit away was a book store, and a store for knick knacks. "What d'yer feel like?" There was fast food of course, and then there were the manditory pastry/coffee shops, and what they were near, a selection of a few normal resturaunts as this was a bigger airport.

Rahne: Rahne's eyebrows rose as she saw a Panera Bread off in a corner by a Barnes and Noble. She smiled and tugged on his arm, nodding her ehad in the direction with a small smile. "Care fer some pastries and a good read?" her smile faded as a simple old woman brushed into her and apologized. Rahne gave her a death stare, but held back the gutteral snarl was was arising from the bowels of her throat. Through gritted teether, she said it was no problem.. Not worth mai time, any'ow.. Shes old an' weak.. tis the young ones that're th' challenge, aye..

Jono: "Sounds good t'me." He didn't catch her expression this time, something hit his empathy weird again. Anger. Eyed Rahne then, but she seemed to have fairly calmed by then. This was an airport, it was common emotion. Still, it had seemed close. "Are yer sure everything is all right...?" He said as they approached the spot. It was a good thing his telepathy didn't kick in until his powers went into full battle swing. His empathy, on the other hand, was always open. It allowed him to see obvious lies --- but not the smaller ones, or the real meaning behind it.

Rahne: Rahne smiled at him once they got in the long line. "Ah feel normal, Jono.. Ah'll be fine.. Ah promise.." The look in her emerald, almond shaped eyes was completely sincere.. that was the real Rahne behind those words. Still holding his hand, she leaned into his body, smiling gently. The line slowly dwindled until they where in the front of the line. She ordered a french cresant, and stood aside as Jono ordered. 5 minutes later, they were sitting aside in the parlor like sitting area. She smiled sincerly over to him.

Jono: It must of been him, he must of been off from all this stuff lately. Really, it'd been doing a number on his sanity, losing his face and getting it back and being turned into a child and into psionic fire and almost dying 3 times for real and being possessed and Gayle and ... really. He should of been getting the therapy he was receiving now long ago. Perhaps he was just imagining this all, and so he dismissed anymore. "I'm sorry, Rahne ... things 'ave just been ... off with me, lately." He rubbed his temple lightly as he looked off to the side, before back to her. "Forget I mentioned it."

Rahne: "Donnae be sorry, laddie.." She reached over and placed her pale hand on his arm, near his wrist. She caressed him gently with her thumb, and tilted her head, renegade scarlet strands falling before her eyes. "...D'ye need tae talk about it..? Ah mean, things musta been rough fer ye lately, no..?"

Jono: He looked back into her much brighter eyes as his were always dark and shadowed and there were only light hints of them having any colour at all, that rich brown. "They 'ave. ... But, no ..." He felt he'd been talked out to a degree to the therapist --- even though things felt so akward with her. But he shouldn't burden Rahne with his problems. Bringing up what had happened with Gayle right now was a big no no, even though Rahne knew who she was. "But thanks for asking, luv..." He put his other hand on top of hers for a moment and managed a little smile so he'd look convincing, before he put it back on the table.

Rahne: "Are ye absolutly sure..? ye know Ah'm 'ere fer ye, laddie.. Ah donnae like tae see ye so troubled.." She didnt, really.. She cared about him so damn much, and hated to see him so troubled; suffering in silence. She knew all too well how that felt. She took her hand away from his arm and ate her food in silence, sipping on her tea. She felt alitlte awkward, but failed to say anything.

Jono: "There were just ... a lot of strange things that 'appened on the road trip earlier ... a lot of strange things when we got back. I really should be use to it by now. Yer should 'ave seem some of things that use to 'appen on missions with the team back in Massachusettes ..." He sipped some of his drink, finding he could indeed taste, swallow ... seemed to work just fine. It wasn't like you felt if it did or didn't reach your stomach, or lack of, so. "Speaking of ... Are yer sure you're ready for th' mission coming up in a week?" He was ... concerned.
Rahne: Rahne smiled, and nodded abit, not really knowing what to say. She hadn't experienced what he had, so she couldnt offer him any helpful advice.. and she felt horrible about it... "Uum. Ah cannae say Ah ain't nervous.. Ah still donnae know whai Paige asked me tae be on th' team any'ow.."

Jono: "Yer power is useful, Rahne. Maybe not against robots, but yer quite quick on yer feet, and ... " Well, how does one phrase 'good at severaly injurying' in a nice way? '...' seemed to be a good enough definition. He wished he would of at least been on the same team as her --- but she'd be with Gaia and Penance and Clarice, all very good at what they did, she'd be safe...

Rahne: Rahne finished her food quietly, running her finger along the rim of her glass. While they waited, she guessed this would be a good time to ask him alittle more about the team and about the misson. "Paige.. 'asn't tol' me alot about th' mission, or maybe Ah'm jsut daft.. Kin ye tell me yer unnerstan'n?" Rahne felt alittle stupid for asking this question.. but then again, the green horns atop her head were quite visible.. Her cheeks flushed a tad red.

Jono: "I just know ... we 'ave been assigned to go to certain places where Bargain's men are known to show up. We ... fight them, and try to get all the information we can out of them. Where their main base is. Things like that ... They 'ave something blocking out all our telepaths from easily finding that out." He made sure to stay quiet, just in case, sipping a little more of his drink.

Rahne: She smiled gently, and let out a soft laugh, shaking her head. "D'ye think Ah kin really 'elp ye..? Ah mean.. tis a big responsibiliy, ah kin, laddie.." She, too, lowered her voice, jsut in case. Those HUnters had been around alot lately... She had heard about what had happened on the street, and about what happened to Kitty and Illyana. She shook her head.. and let out a sigh."Well.. We'd better do summat else now..." Her beautiful emerald eyes looked at the long line of people forming at the counter for Panera, and she knew they'd want their seat sooner or later. She took her empty cup and napkins, and walked over to the trash bin. A middle aged man accidentally bumped into her. "Oh, sorry, miss! Didn't see you there.." Rahne's eye twitched, and she held back her feral erges that suddenly flew through her veins. "'Tis a'ight..", she grunted. "ooh, thats a nice accent! Where d'ye hail from?" Rahne sneered at his attempt at her accent. "Tha' aint none of yer buisness.." She turned around, fists balled up. "Now, come back here! I only wanted to engange in convers--" "SHU' UP!!" Rahne turned her head, and snarled, her teeth no longer as long as a normal humans.. her canines had elongated, and fur had begun to grow on her arms.. She grew several feet before the now frightened man's eyes.. She drew her arm back, ready to strike him with her new, deadly sharp claws.. Almost all activity around them had stopped as people watched in silent horror..

Jono: Jono's eyes widened when he heard her yell, he had been looking off to the people walking around in the other direction, turning and seeing as Rahne grew much taller and her incoming ideas hit his empathy quite easily. What could this man of done to provoke her to want to do...-that-?! "RAHNE!" He practically threw his chair over as he got up and ran over, his boots skidding in the tiles and sending him in front of her as well so he could look --- up. to her, even if he was pretty tall as it was. He'd never really seen her inbetween form. It was ... Well, he didn't feel this was a very safe situation at the moment to the say the least. "What are ye' doin'?! What 'appened?!" He looked over to the man who had fallen back in suprise of the claws. He was too shocked to answer. Annoying human. He looks back to Rahne then, "Rahne?!"

Rahne: Rahne paused for a moment, and stared down at Jono, her arm still raised behind her, ready and poised to strike at any point in time. There was a definate change in her eyes as she stared down into his own. Her pupils had gone from a perfect curcle, to a stretched out diamond. The color had remained the same, however.. but they were less friendly.. less bright and sparkly as they had been. She sniffed the air in front of Jono's face, as if searching for familiararity.. Truth is, she didn't have many of her normal memories when it came to people, unless they were triggered by scent. Indeed, Jono registered in her brain as a 'non-threat'. With her free hand, Rahne forcefully pushed Jono out of the way, jsut as the man who had tried to ingage her in a 'civil' conversation ran away, screaming for help. This would not do. With a deep growl emitting from the bowels of her throat, Rahne bounded after him, leaving behind a pile of tattered clothing.

Jono: He had been, suprised to say the least of being pushed out of the way. He had no idea what was going on. He vaguely remember she lost control in wolf form that time --- but what was -this-? "RAHNE!" He yelled after her, snapping out of it when she ran after him. He went after her too, people already screaming about the mutant. He couldn't let her hurt anyone here but to stop her he'd have to *hurt* her, like he'd done to Penance. He couldn't do that, to Rahne... [[Rahne STOP.]] His psionic voice yelled out then as she was too far ahead to hear his normal voice. It echoed off the giant open room as they exited the shops area and were entering the areas of gates. Great, now he'd given himself away to. It was loud and a painful sound on the soundwaves as he was trying to project it too large, some people cringing at the loud, unhuman sound.

Rahne: Inside, Rahne had no idea why she was so angry. She had easily caught up to the human, and was now holding him up at eye level, holding him up by the collar of his shirt, her claws easily shredding the treads. She pressed her flat, leathery nose to his. He let out a piercing, frightened scream. It hurt her ears.. She didn't like that.. Letting out a scream of her own, a most angry one, she threw him against the wall, with a satifing, resounding crack. He slid down like a broken doll.. She sniffed the air once more, but she paused, upon hearing Jono's voice inside her head. Rahne..? Oh, yeah.. Rahne.. He's calling to you. It was like a foreign voice inside of her head. Or was it herself talking, trying to convince herself that everything was okay. Maybe. She stood about face, and stared at Jono, who was no more then 15 feet before her. She stood to her full height of about 7 feet, maybe taller.. and just watched him.. Though his scent told her he was friendly.. she still didn't trust it.

Jono: He stopped moving, his hands at his sides, looking up to her. "Don't do this, Rahne ... " He narrowed his eyes at her as he looked up, not sure if she even understood a word he said. If she was only responding to animal instincts, then he'd need to appear a little more solid in confidence, thus the expression, and hard words. "Yer don't want t'do that." Considering who Jono was, being someone elses concience was strange. "Come on, Rahne. It's me, Jono. Listen to me..." He took a step foward before suddenly something in his power clicked. He was having weird telepathical surges from time to time since that ghost mutant boy had expanded his power. Something that now allowed him to know that airport security had partially surrounded them, with guns. A shot went off then and suddenly his energy shot out, barely missing her, making him lose any sort of understanding he had gained with her, but he was only aiming for the bullet heading for her, which burnt up in his energy before it could hit her.

Rahne: Rahne paused, and stared at Jono. Something clicked in her brain.. and she suddently began to slowly change back into her more normal, human form. Her mind was a sbuttle of emotions.. she still didn't have full control over her transformations, and her supressed anger, saddness, and fear didn't help her situation at all. However, she heard the trigger, and the gun being fired. Her human form was only seen for a moment, and she melted to her quadroped wolven form. With a barking snarl, she hurled herself into the crowd, shrieks of women and children resounding in her sensitive ears. There was a flash of uniform and russet fur, and Rahne stood with her forepaws on a security guards chest, her snarling face before his sweating one.

Jono: He wasn't sure if the situation had gotten better or simply had gone from out of the frying pan and into the fire. He was going to go to her but he heard several other guns ready across the room. He turned to them. [[If yer dare fire one shot, I will personally give yer the most painful death yer could possibly imagine --- tenfold.]] Hmmm, no shots were fired then, what a suprise. He goes to her then, the crowd had already scattered away in fear, being careful himself. "Let 'im go, Rahne. Even if 'e does deserve it." He glared down at the man who dared fire at her, psionic energy giving him a haunting appearence as he stood over as well, golds and oranges swirling above his head and giving strange lighting and shadows to his face.

Rahne: The russet furred wolf took her paws off of the mans heaving chest. She turned and stood to Jonos side. There was a major difference between her wolven and werewolf forms.. Her werewolf harnessed most, if not all of her anger. Her wolven form was based more on the emotion of revenge, and was still apathetic to those that did not have harmful intentions. With an imprudent snort, the wolf stared with deep green eyes at the retreating officer, who was now talking furiously on his walkie-talkie. She sat down on her haunches, and heard a little girl squeal with joy; "Look, mommie!! A doggie!!" "Thats no doggie, Janet.. lets get out of here! Its one of those.. those mutants!" An anger began to arise in the crowd, some furious shouts, some threatening.. some scared. Rahne jsut sat there calmly.

Jono: Jono looked around as the voices started and he simply could not stand these were the people he bothered to protect. Considering he got remarks about his appearence all the time too, there was many a time he had imagined just blasting them to hell himself. He looks to Rahne though, looking down to her as she isn't shifting back at the moment either. "Rahne ...?" He didn't care about the things they were saying now, or the people that were being called, or the fact that there'd once again be mutants again on the news and he was involved. If anyone dare try to attack them he'd blast them with force, not burn, just keep them away. He just wanted to have a normal week after all of this, and now that probably wasn't possible. Ignored the rather harsh things that were yelled at them, nothing he hadn't heard before. It was simply Rahne he was concerned about, that they were calling Rahne those names too, that really pissed him off.

Rahne: A large man with a throbbing throat and a face as red as a tomato throw a book from Barnes and Nobles at them. Snow Falling on Cedars landing before Rahnes paws. She looked at it, and growled loudly.. She was about to lunge at him, but she let out a piecing howl, and was showing signs that she was obviously in pain. GET OUTA MAI HEAD!!! screamed the real Rahne. The wolf throw herself on the floor and ran around in sharp circles, dragging her head on the rough carpet, eventually leaving a small trace of blood. Five seconds later, the human form of Rahne lay at Jonos feet, naked and vulnerable, with few strands of clothing hanging from her shoulders. She was shuddering, crying.. She had no idea what she did.. but she knew what had started it..

Jono: Jono had watched the whole thing in some horror of what was going on, especially upon seeing blood. When she finally transformed back, he got down quickly and took off his jacket, to cover her as best he could. "Rahne ..." He picked her up partially in his arms so he could hug her against what remained of his chest, more to the side where there was still flesh, his own t-shirt partially remained, his energy cooled down best he could make it. He gently petted her hair in a comforting manner as she cried, but for some reason, this scene didn't strike the hearts of many for sympathy. He suddenly felt something hit the back of his head hard as someone had thrown whatever they could find at him, which had been an empty mug. Even having deadened senses he felt it since it was quite a heavy object, and he slowly looked over his shoulder, but whoever had thrown it wasn't brave enough to step out of the empty crowd. "Are yer bloody BLIND?! What is WRONG with yer?!" He held Rahne a little closer if anyone dare try to threaten then anymore. Really, even if he still had a fairly scary appearence, she looked so fragile now --- what would drive people to want to hurt that? He heard more people yell though about this being some sort of trick and he wanted to blast them for their damn idiocy but he would dare not step away from Rahne right now.

Rahne: She couldn't help but cry as Jono held her against him. She was so afriad of what she did.. she opened up her now red eyes, and saw the man she had viciously thrown, his family gone to his side.. She hadn't killed him, but he was unconsious and bleeding from a wound on his head. she had snapped his arm when she had thrown him. She let out a pained wail, and clung to Jonos shirt, retracting into him as best she could. She shut her eyes, forcing hot tears to fall down her face.. She was so scared.. and hearing people scream "Get out of here!!" "You FREAKS!!" "Go back to hell where the likes of you belong!" didn't help.. She looked up at Jono, finally opening up her tear-stained eyes once more, and pulling on Jonos collar to get his attention. "Jono..? Ah'm so sorry.. Ah.. Ah ruined ev'rything.." She knew they could still catch their flight.. afterall, most of the people by now would either be leaving the airport, or catching the next flight once they knew that they were flying on the same aircraft.. but the knowlege that this happened would loom above her head like a storm cloud..

Jono: "Don't aplogize ... It wasn't your fault, luv, I know yer didn't mean for this t'appen..." Spoke to her calmly and softly as she'd need that in this state. He kept his arms around her and just ignored whatever else was yelled at them. "Should we go 'ome ...?" He knew this would end up on the news and he REALLY didnt want to face a lecture or Paige or any of them right now. He just wanted to be with Rahne and away from -these- people too. He didn't know if she was injured or if she needed help on her power from the mansion or what not, he didn't know to say... All of the security had heard Jono's threat and left, a few people continued to watch though, some whispering, some yelling. The religious people were always the worst. There were some sympathetic people, of course ... but they dare not speak up to leave these poor children alone. It was them or the crowd, and humans were self centered by nature.

Rahne: She shook her head, and stood up on her own, holding Jonos jacket tightly against her slim form. "Nae.. Les' jus' go.. ferget about 'ome fer awhile.. ferget about them ..." She nudged her head to the slowly gathering crowd. Some people who had no idea of what went on, whistled and jeered at the naked girl, but she shot them a deadly glance.. She didn't transform, however.. She stayed herself, for even the werewolf inside of her knew that no one here was worth her time or energy. She grabbed her duffel back, and walked straight past everyone, even Jono, and into the girls bathroom to get dressed..

Jono: Jono walked over slowly to get his own backpack and the tickets that had fallen on the floor, not even looking right away to see their changed destination, slipping them in his pockets. He took out another jacket from his large backpack and put it on, to cover his psionic fire. He eyed anyone who continued to whisper when they got a look at him too, simply turning away and walking over to the bathrooms to wait for her. He hoped that noone would keep them from boarding as he may just have to blow them to peices then. He -needed- this break badly and everything seemed to be wearing on him more and more. And the signs of nothing ever getting better.

Rahne: Rahne came out a few minutes later, in a more researved outfit from what she had been wearing earlier. She wore a black spaghetti strap shirt, and a green knitted jacket, which was buttoned up above her bust, and jeans. Holding herself in a less confident manner, she looked at Jono was deeply saddened eyes. "Les' go then.. aye?"

Jono: He nodded slightly at her, but the brighter mood that had been there earlier certainly couldn't be brought back. He just headed to the gate with her again, before, about halfway there, he lightly took her hand in his own. The crowd in the airport had consideribly slimmed down, but at least as they left the area they stopped getting stared at. This was a giant airport, it would take awhile for news to pass. He realized he didn't know the gate number, so he checked the ticket, and then looked up at the screen. Wait, that wasn't for Seattle... "Rahne, I think yer bought us the wrong tickets ...?"

Rahne: Her face went a brilliant scarlet.. "Nae.. those are th' righ' tickets, ah kin.. Uum.. Ah 'ad a'little change of plans at th' ticket counter.." She looked down at her feet, and drew them across the floor.. She palced a hand on the back of her head, where she was formily bleeding, and patted her hair abit.. "Ye donnae mind.. d'ye..?"

Jono: Well, that was a lot farther away. He'd never been to Hawaii, but... If that's where she wanted to go, then he did not mind. Maybe it would be nice there, too. He didn't really trust anywhere in the area anyway after that road trip, " 'Course I don't, Rahne. This is fine." He smiled in the slightest, the way he'd do only for her, only to make her feel better, putting a hand on her shoulder for a moment as he'd let go of her hand to check the tickets. He approached the gate way with her before he handed the tickets over. The man eyed them for a moment before he let them on.

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