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LOG: Alex and Vanessa - The mutants are everywhere
LOG: Alex and Vanessa
Summary: Alex goes out, meets Vanessa, rah.
Setting: Nameless cafe in the city.

Alex: Alex hadn't been able to cope with seeing everyone back at the mansion yet, so he'd decided to go into down to hang and hopefully clear his head. He'd met his roomates this morning, and while they were nice, he needed a bit of space. Sighing, he pushed open the door of the cafe and went to the counter to order.

Vanessa: *A girl about 18 or so was reading "White Oleanders" and kept looking at Alex. She was about 5'6 with light brown eyes, dark black hair that was curly, and a voluptuous body. Her eyes looked him up and down before finally meeting his eyes.* Hey there stranger.

Alex: Alex took his drink with a polite murmer to the staff at the counter, then strode off to find a seat. He scanned the floor of the cafe, pushing floppy blondish hair out his face with one hand before noticing the girl. "Hey yourself." He slid into the seat across from her.

Vanessa: *She put down her book and took a sip from her coffee* I'm 'Nessa and you are?

Alex: "Alex. Nice to meet you, 'Nessa." He nodded politely to her. "Good book?"

Vanessa: *She smiled kindly at him* It's good so far, but the mother is crazy. Read any good books lately?

Alex: He shrugged, looking slightly sheepish. "Haven't really had the time. I just came back from Hawaii."

Vanessa: *A hand went up into her hair* So that's where your accent is from. I'm from California. *She laughed* Kinda neighbors but then not.

Alex: He grinned back at her. "Yeah, one of my roommates is from Cali. So what brings you all the way here to New York?"

Vanessa: Schooling, of course. It's a bit difficult and I definately miss the surf.

Alex: He sighed. "Tell me about it. But you surf as well? That's cool. Ever been to surf in Hawaii? Surf there kicks ass."

Vanessa: *She shook her head* Always wanted to but I couldn't. Go figure that my parents could afford schooling in New York but couldn't afford a round trip to Hawaii.

Alex: He gave her a sympahetic smile. "If you ever get up there, look me up. I'm down here for school too? Where are you studying?"

Vanessa: I'm studying at a prep school in the city. You?

Alex: "Xavier's down thattaway," he said, making a random gesture in the general direction.

Vanessa: *She giggled and followed his hand* So that would be about past the little dipper and a little left of the northstart?

Alex: He laughed ruefully. "Yeah, that'd be it. Watch out for random meteors on your way there."

Vanessa: *She laughed a bit* Mine's just downtown.

Alex: "Down town is good," he said, smiling inanely. "You been round here long?"

Vanessa: Just a couple of weeks is all. What about you? *She cocked her head, waiting for an answer.*

Alex: "I got back yesterday, but I've been here before. Went home for a while before the new semester started, that's all. Found anything good to do round here?"

Vanessa: All I've been able to do is go to librarys and book stores. Well, besides the mandatory shopping of course. You?

Alex: "Hung out at the school a lot, me being such a geek," he laughed unashamedly, though his looks and actions certainly didn't proclaim geek. "Went to the beach, met a few people... It's pretty good here."

Vanessa: Beach, around here? Tell me when and where and I'll be there.

Alex: "It's not exactly around here, couple of hours drive away. There's a lake near the school, though. It's pretty nice."

Vanessa: *She nodded with him and bit on her thumbnail* Maybe you could show me some time.

Alex: "Sure, I'd be glad to. It's a great place to relax." Nessa seemed pretty nice, he wouldn't mind seeing her again and if they became friends.

Vanessa: *She smiled at him and wrote down her address and number on a napkin* Call me if you need help around the city. Um, could I have your number in case that happens to me too?

Alex: "Sure," he said, with a friendly smile. He held out his hand for the pen, mumering thanks, and scrawled his own name and room number extension. "If my roommates pick up, just ask for me."

Vanessa: Likewise. Mine's a total bitch most of the time so good luck. How's yours, resonable?

Alex: "Nice people. I should only have one, but his friend had some gigantic fight with her roommate, so she's crashing over." He looked slightly rueful. "Gave me a gigantic shock when I woke up to see my roommate was a girl, until they explained it."

Vanessa: *She laughed* I suppose that would shock you. My first one was a guy since there wasn't enough room for us all. Luckily they found room before he tried to get into my pants.

Alex: "Erk, nasty," he said sympathetically. "Lorna's cool with it all, and my other roommate has a boyfriend. It sort of works out pretty good."

Vanessa: That's rad then. *She bit her lip* Hey, want to go check out a movie or something?

Alex: He looked slightly suprised at the forwardness of this new girl, but he shrugged inwardly. It wasn't like he had anything else to do. "Why not? I've been wanting to check out the new one that just came out, um... what's the name of it again...?"

Vanessa: What's it about?

Alex: "'Bout a fish and... something." He looked really sheepish this time. "It's a kid's flick, but my friend said it's good."

Vanessa: Finding Nemo? *A grin popped up on her lips*

Alex: "Yes! That would be the one. You feel like going to see it, so I don't look like a complete loser?"

Vanessa: I've been wanting to see it for a while; I just never got the chance to. Any idea where to go?

Alex: "Ummm..." There was that theatre that he had gone with with Nate, but he wasn't really sure since they'd flown there. "I haven't really been round here much, how bout we just hope to stumble onto one?"

Vanessa: *She giggled* Sure, that sounds like fun. *She grinned at him again* Want a coffee or something?

Alex: "Nah," he brandished his half-full paper cup at her. "I'm still good. You want to get something before we leave, though?"

Vanessa: *Her hair went everywhere as she shook her head. With one hand, she pushed it all back into place* Nah, I'm peachy.

Alex: "S'all good, then. Shall we?" He offered his hand courteously to pull her up to her feet.

Vanessa: *A wink was brought his way* Yes m'lord.

Alex: He hoisted her to her feet and gave a sweeping gesture towards the door. "Then after you, milady."
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