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LOG: Paige, Monet and Gaia - The mutants are everywhere
LOG: Paige, Monet and Gaia
Summary: Gaia (and not Jono, gasp!), Paige and Monet go for a girl's day out, but when has that ever happened without complications? Their train was attacked by Bargain's men, and plot happens. For those who want to know, a wallet with personal information and a dart containing the mutant toxin was picked up.
Setting: The girl's room, the car then the subway station and train.

Gaia: Gaia's normal past time of going down to poke at Jono was quite gone and dead, and Penny had disappeared somewhere. All her other friends were busy too; Lorna was moving into her own room, and Josh was with Tobias, or just nowhere to be found. She lay back on her bed and wondered where Paige and Monet had disappeared to - she somehow managed to miss her roommates more often then not, and she thought that they had planned to do something today. Go out to the city and... rollerskate? Something strange like that, but she liked new experiances.

Paige/Monet: Paige and Monet actually hadn't left yet, and instead were in the gym prior. Paige doing the regular routine on the unusually intricate set of bars, 3 levels of them; spending a good deal of the time venting her annoyance at Jono for taking off when they had TRAINING tonight. Monet mimiced the moves but on what seemed like an invisible set of bars across the room. Usually she just gave a "yes" or some sort of acknowledgement every few minutes, letting Paige talk as she had noone else to talk to about that stuff. Besides, it was obvious she felt otherwise, or why would she spend -so- much talking about him, even if it was negative? When they finished, Paige remembered wanting to go out and with Gaia as well. She offered the idea to M who agreed as she would of just been bored until they came back for training --- not that she shared that much. They both entered after using the showers down there, Monet going to switch into some city clothes, while Paige walked over and sat on her bed, which was across from Monet's, Gaia's was on the opposite side of the room. The girl's rooms were bigger than the boys, there was quite a lot of space. "You ready to go?" Paige spoke up as she switched into a better pair of shoes.

Gaia: Gaia rolled off the bed and to her feet. She nodded, "As soon as I find my shoes." She rummaged around for the shoes in question, which were yet another creative endeaver from Lorna, but just plain jogging shoes with bright splashes of colour in the design. "We're going to the city? In your car?" She wouldn't mind, though she wanted one day to try other means of transportation. She'd hitchhiked a lot, but public transport had mostly escaped her, with noone to show her how things were done.

Paige/Monet: "Yeah, but a different city. A bigger one. It's about 20 miles from here." Didn't trust doing anything liking biking or skating today as the weather was sort of grey-ish. She puts on a white jean jacket over a light blue shirt that cut off above her navel and jeans which cut at the knees and flared out, things curtosey of her impromptu shopping trip. "It's crowded there so we might just park and take the subway the rest of the way." Monet walked out of the bathroom then wearing an intrciate version of a white sleeveless top, a design that had gold on the edges and curved in in the center to be showy yet not in the way Emma was, even if it still revealed a lot of skin. She wore a white skirt as well, with a tie of silkish material that half covered it, just a dressy touch. And a jacket to go with it, just in case. Paige takes the bathroom then to put on some makeup as Monet adjusts her outfit in the slightest, her long black hair just left down --- looking more like a model than a girl who just got ready in 10 minutes to go into the city. Once Paige was ready they headed down to her car. Monet glanced over to Gaia, "How have you been, Gaia?" They hadn't really spoken.

Gaia: Gaia nodded to agree with Paige's words then got ready herself. Tied on her pretty new shoes and smoothed down the creases in her long denim skirt. Her top was some strange collage of mesh and material, in shades of pink, purple and accents of black. With her hair in a messy pony tail and no make-up, she looked a little out of place next to Monet. "It's been okay. This week has been strange. Thank you for helping with the mutant possession. How have you been?" Gaia opened up the back door of the car to get in, letting Monet and Paige take the frount. They would only be taking the one car since they were only using it for a while, and there was really no point in taking two going to the same destination. It was a nice car - she only hiped that it wouldn't crash or something, like the last car she was in. Jono needed a new car, too.

Paige/Monet: The car itself was quite nice, as Monet wouldn't have Paige driving around a 'hunk of junk' like Jubilee had gotten for her bday --- even if that WAS a decent car. This one was white, a convertible, top up at the moment. The interior was quite nice as well, nothing tacky. It had came with fairly tacky interior but Monet had bitched out the dealer until he got something better. She made it seem like no deal, though. "It was not a problem. I have been doing fine." Monet spoke with a smile as they got in, Paige starting up the car. The car started out into the semi grey day, playing some upbeat music which was nice in comparison to the stuff Gaia had to listen to in Jono's car, though it was quiet enough they could still talk. "Really, you should get that thing with Jono checked out, Gaia." Paige spoke up as she eyed Gaia in the rear view mirror, "Did you ever meet Jen? She had the same thing going on that you told me about."

Gaia: "You think we really jinx each other? It could be. I don't know. But who could check?" And it was really a moot point anyway, since Jono had run off somewhere, and if they needed to have it checked, it would probably be together. Although Jono should probably get himself checked out as well, since he had gotten attacked, and the incident with Sinister before she got there. It seemed life since she returned was one big rollercoaster, including the requisate screams of terror as it plunged down. She wasn't very happy with Jono anyway, since he really wasn't being exceptionally nice and that thing with Gayle. They needed a break away from each other, so it was sort of convenient that he had left. Gaia eyed Paige trepiditiously. Though Paige would kill him when he got back for skipping training, and that just nulified any problem too.

Paige/Monet: "Xavier?" She shrugged, "From what I read, you've gotten in more bad situations then one could count as a cooindence." Monet glanced over to Paige, "She's right. It is probably just Jonothon though. You should of seen some of the things that happened when we were in Europe together." Glanced at her own nails then. She'd briefly told Paige of that before, who'd felt minorly jealous about it since she was hoping when Jono returned that she could get back together with him, but it had played otherwise. Gaia on the other hand didn't know she had had anything with Jono. "You deserve a break from all of that." Nodded slightly. Paige looked over to Monet before back to the road, bringing them into the much bigger city. There was a few things she would add but decided to keep them to herself. They parked near the edge of town before getting out to look for where the subway entrance was.

Gaia: Gaia shrugged in acquisition, going along with whatever they were saying. She didn't really care, though it would be nice to know why it had only started now when she came back. She'd gotten into some trouble on the road before, since not everyone was accepting or nice or even sane, but never as bad as what had happened during their road trip. "Is that it?" She pointed towards the little sign that said "Subway" and then followed the others down the stairs. It wasn't the cleanest of places, litter on the dark concrete and graffitti scrawled across the walls. There was a slight bustle of people rushing around to get to their destinations, and it seemed quite busy.

Paige/Monet: Monet was the one to buy the tickets since people stepped aside for her, handing the money over before it was given to her. She rolled her eyes at the boys who turned their heads slightly when she walked back, mumbling something about how dirty it was down here. "We can go get something to eat, and then just looking around for a little. I haven't been here in awhile." Paige speaks when Monet comes back just as the car is pulling in. Monet nods in agreement, boarding with the other two girls when they're allowed on, before finding a seat. She smooths her skirt when she sits down, Paige sitting across --- luckily it wasn't too crowded right now so they weren't smushed against anyone when it started up.

Gaia: Gaia looked around them with wide eyes, at all the different people in the compartment. There were the business people in their dark suits with their briefcases, then the younger punk kids and everyone in between. There was a suprising amount of nondescriptly dressed people with large bags though, but maybe it was just a local quirk? She shrugged mentally and kept looking. She didn't see anyone with visual mutations, since they usually avoided the public for fear of persecution, but the odds were that there would be a few who looked as human as Paige, Monet and herself did. She turned back towards them and smiled. "Lunch sounds good. Is there anywhere specific we're going?" She didn't mind either way, since this was one city she hadn't been to before. She didn't notice the sudden stirring of the people with the large bags, a slight tensing of muscles or something, in response to a tiny crackle of their hidden earpieces.

Paige/Monet: Paige shook her head, "No, I think we'll just look around, see what looks good." Smiled a little. Monet however, was not so oblivious, something was wrong. Her telepathic abilities weren't open like Nate's or a few untrained telepaths, so she wasn't tipped off the way --- and noone really knew if she did have super hearing or not, but something was clearly wrong. The men on the train were specfically waiting for children to leave Xavier's. They didn't think anyone would actually risk it but these 3 girls had gone and prooved them wrong. Not that they'd kill them --- having them for research for good. Bargain had many mutants working for him, and one of them could tell him about specific powers. A metamorph, a reality warper, and a telepath. Each had secondary mutations as well, which would aid his studies. The train stopped about halfway, which definitly alerted something was wrong. Paige looked around. "This is strange." Monet glanced around as a few people nearby didn't seem so phased. It stood out.

Gaia: Gaia looked around again when the train stopped, the poeple were all in varying states of panic from not-effected at all to full blown hysteria in one corner as a girl with claustraphobia broke down on her friend's shoulder. Most people were looking slightly worried, murmering amoungst themselves and speculating what had gone wrong. Suddenly, in a swift uniform move, the pain clothed people with the bags drew the bags away, revealing an assortment of weaponry held in their hands on the ready. The leader, a man half way down the carraige from them spoke. "Excuse the delay, but I'm afraid that we have a few passengers to pick up. Please remain seated and don't panic - we're only after three of you. The mutants." He gestured expansively down towards the girls, a small smirk on his face. He had heard about these mutant fighters- how they tried to make sure no innocents bystanders were hurt, and in such closed confines, they wouldn't be able to risk anything.

Paige/Monet: Paige narrows her eyes at the men, "What makes you think we're mutants?" This could be a trick. She crossed her arms at them. "Don't waste our time, girl. We have readings on all 3 of you. Paige Guthrie, Monet St. Croix, and ... Gaia." Strange that one had no last name and it sounded more like a code name than a first name. Monet stood up at that, looking more annoyed then Paige, "You pitful little men. You think because you attack us here we'll just go with you?" They looked at each other before they began to nod a little, in a sort of 'well....yes.' expression. Monet first attempted to calm the minds of anyone panicing, they had enough space to do a variety of things --- what wouldn't of worked here was kinetic or psionic power. Monet shook her head slightly, but the man wasn't amused by her disregard for her imminent danger, and there was the sound of the gun being turned off safety with a 'chink'. Paige slowly looked to Gaia, not to draw attention which was gathered on the standing M at the moment. If she was able to TK crush their guns or change them, they could handle hand to hand. But the weapons were a danger to the other passangers. While Monet could easily crush the weapons in her hand, even catch bullets aimed at her, there were too many and once again, risking the other people.

Gaia: Gaia didn't like the way they were keeping the weapons trained on everyone, not just the three of them. It seemed like they were trying to take hostages to keep them compliant, but they hadn't done their research well if they thought that would stop them. Gaia caught Paige's eye, and followed her gaze. Nodded ever so slightly, then gathered her telekinesis to start putting pressure on where it counted. She didn't need to do anything flashy - just ruin the firing mechanisms, which required about as much effort as breathing to do, but perhaps the attackers needed a bit more persuasion. She concentrated on the very molecular distribution of it and weakened the bonds. The men just watched in dumbfounded amazement as the guns seemed to entropify in their hands and turn to dust. She smirked, then nodded towards Paige once more, as if to signify turning control over to her.

Paige/Monet: Paige smiled at her in a congragulatory sort of way before she stood up and ripped away her skin revealing stone underneath, the easiest form to hold. It was easy for her to take them down from him, any other weapons they had didn't work very well. Monet ducked when they tried to pathetically hit her considering she had super speed, knocking one or two out with a high kick to the head. Anyone that aimed for Paige got the unfourtunate prize of a broken fist. One even pulled out a knife last moment --- but it snapped against the stone, cracking it in the slightest but nothing to effect. The other 3 got knocked back against the wall. Paige looked down at them with her hand on her hip, her hair spikey stone and her eyes a light grey. She still partially had her clothing on, though most of it got shreaded by the rough rock. Monet dusted off her hands as Paige got down, and reached her hand in the pocket of one of them, before taking out a wallet, and opening it. This was great. It had something that could aid them. Suddenly though, someone yelled that the mutants had just knocked out those men. Which meant they could attack them too, and panic ensued. Paige sighs and glances over to Gaia. "We should get out of here before this gets any worse." Little did she know there was more then just these 5 men to attack them, waiting. Bargain did not underestimate mutants.

Gaia: Gaia nodded in agreement, pointing towards the nearest door since they were at the far end of one carraige. It was locked as a safety precaution of teenaged hoodlums or whatever, but it didn't take much more then a flex of her telekinetic powers to pop it open. She gestured as if to let Monet and Paige out first, keeping up a cautionary shield in case something else happened up behind them, and followed them out. She should have known it wouldn't be that easy - it never was. Surrounding the caraige, with even heavier machinery then before, was a ring of men. Dressed uniformly in black, and with quite the manacing aura. They didn't seem to happy to see the girls, Gaia was certain, since as they stepped out, the guns were raised and pointed towards them. The leader of this pack stepped forward to be seen. "Quite an impressive display there, I'm sure. Are you quite done? There are comfortable accomodations waiting for you, if you care to follow us."

Paige/Monet: Paige looks around at the threat before she clenchs her fists at her side. "Thank you, but the follow up is always more impressive." She ducked down then, turning slightly and knocked one man to the ground, tripping him but almost breaking his ankle in the process with the force of rock. Showing they weren't going to back down, the men took out there guns again. They didn't have bullets in them, but toxin. Noone was actually in danger on the train previously as the toxin only effected mutants. Monet flew into the air when a dart came for her, before speeding foward and taking care of another two as Paige ducked the shots of two others, getting in hits a lot easier than them. Not that these men were untrained, they even succesfully dodged some of Monet's blows, but they certainly didn't have the upper hand here.

Gaia: Gaia always preferred not to fight up close, and her powers suited her entirely because of it. Concentrating, and holding up her hands as a focus, she twitched the guns away from the men holding them and threw them to the far side of the tunnel where they couldn't be easily accessed. She considered destroying them entirely, but there was no time as there were a lot of men simultaneously trying to attack them. Instead of actually getting up close to the men, she grabbed them with her telekinesis and threw them against each other, knocking them out. She only did so on two men at a time, before some bright idiot came up with the idea of gathering a few of his men to attack her from all directions. She frowned slightly, gathering her power and tore a cravisse into the ground as they rushed to attack her. She'd fill it up again later!

Paige/Monet: Monet had an easy time knocking them out with speed and strength, dodging anything aimed for her. One needle did hit Paige but it simply richoeted off her stone self. Unfourtunately, her forms were not permenent, they had a sort of 'HP' to them, and the stone was beggining to become weak, it would put her at a disadvantage soon. Usually she had to go straight back to skin before to another form, but she didn't have time. She started concentrating on another form before another needle hit her and begun to crack the stone even more. She tore the rock away quickly with no time to really concentrate revealling a ---- glass form beneath. Glass?! she thought. There was absolutely no form worse at the moment. She took a step back as they found they had cornered her --- before Monet grabbed one of them from behind, picking him up above the ground before tossing him aside. The group was thinning down as more and more were taken care of.

Gaia: Gaia was standing on what looked like an island, since the earth on all sides of it had fallen down a lot. The men who had attacked her were trapped down there - she'd get them out before she closed it back, she was sure - and she seemed like a sitting target for the men to pull their dart guns out and shoot at her, but a telekinetic shield bounced them all back. She watched the other two, not sure if she should fly over and help or stay here and take out the men around her. A not-too-gentle telekinetic blow at the base of their necks knocked out the ones that were troubling her, but... that was Paige, glinting in the dim lights. She didn't look like any form Gaia had seen before... new power that had manifested while she was away? How strange. She casually fended off the last attackers while thinking, knocking them out efficiently, then looked around confused as the barrage on her stopped.

Paige/Monet: Paige was slightly suprised as she'd only been able to manage glass once. She still didn't quite know how it'd ever aid her, but the human instructor that had came to their school in MA to teach for a few weeks had assured it that one day it would, as would every form she could handle. Still, it seemed silly. The glass was fragile. She brought her hand up and tore the glass 'sheet' away then, revealing lightly sun kissed skin beneath. It was tiring to do many forms close to each other, but she could handle up to 5 or 6 in a row before it'd really wear her out. She made sure to adjust her clothing as she switched back, her shirt fairly damaged so she buttoned up her jean jacket, but her jeans just looked more stylishly cut and still decent. She shook her hair out, now shining and golden once more, her eyes back to a sky blue. "How could they of tracked us like that..." Referring to knowing their names, their powers. She narrowed her eyes before looking over to Monet and then Gaia. The threat seemed to be getting worse.

Gaia: Gaia slowly brought up the unconcious bodies from the ravine she had made, piling them up on the side. She filled it back in with a gesture, and walked calmly across, looking unflustured since attacks like this seemed fairly little and mundane after everything else that had happened with Jono. "I don't know. A spy?" It sisn't seem likely with the security that the mansion possessed, but there was little other way of explaining how they gathered so much information. Though Jono and herself had been on the news several times. That still didn't explain how he knew about the others. "Should we go back? And tell the others."

Paige/Monet: Paige looked thoughtful for a moment before she shook her head, "No, we don't need to cause any unescecary panic." She eyed a set of stairs not far away, which would lead them up and out of here. She motioned for them to follow before going up, coming out on a side one way road that was empty at the moment. After making sure the coast was clear, she pushed away the cover fully, and got up, waiting for the other two girls. Monet looked at her hands in slight disgust when she got out, rust from the ladder chipped off onto her skin and stained slightly. Made a futile attempt to casually get it off. Paige looked around when they came out; a big part of the city just a few blocks away. She started that way, pushing her hair back once.

Gaia: Gaia shrugged and followed complacently, not minding either way. "Lunch now?" She was absolutely not shaken up at all, though it was still strange that they were attacked like that. She wondered if anyone had managed to get the subway back up and running, since it hadn't moved when they had left it, and there could be unconcious men on the tracks. They would probably clear it first, right? She ran her fingers over the smooth surface of the non-pointy end of the dart that she had picked up as a souvenier of her first subway ride, and mentally shrugged once more. She placed the dart in a subspace pocket and followed the others.
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